RESURGENCE Vol. I. No. 8. July/ August 1967 2/6

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EDITORIAL: An Arab Jewish peace


Drugs NO!

Critical Size

Leopold Kohr

REVIEW: Beyond the Outsider

Ann Vogel

Resurgence Affairs POEM: ' Premonitions '

Jack Sayers

Mebyon Kernow

QUOTES: Royston Green

Tom Mboya John Roddam Vinoba Bhave


Nicholas Parsons Donald Stewart Mrs. Sylvia Mehta Robin Jenkins Theo. F. Lenz

Porton Notebook

John Papworth

REVIEW: Last Exit to Brooklyn

Dave Cunliffe

POEM: The Metaphysics of Failure

Paul Roche






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Editorial Group

John Furnival, Graham Keen (Art Work), David Kuhrt (Poetry Editor), Brenda Jordan, Sybil Morrison, Peter Taunton, Roger Franklin. Editor: John Papworth. Business Manager: Jacob Garonzhki.

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Paul Goodman-' On being Powerless.' Roger Franklin reviews Leopold Kohr's "The Breakdown of Nations"

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This Issue

DA VE CUNLIFFE is a Blackburn poet who writes frequently for Resurgence. Soon after he had sent us his review of Last Exit to Brooklyn he was badly injured in a road accident. We are glad to report he is making a good recovery from a fractured skull and a broken wrist and that he hopes to be out of hospital shortly. JOHN FURNIVAL is in his early thirties and teaches art at Corsham in the West Country. His work is winning rapidly increasing attention and in recent months has featured prominently, and sometimes exclusively in numerous galleries in different parts of Europe. (He currently has an exhibition in Cambridge) He is married, with three children, Eve, Jack and Harry, whose pictures are incorporated in the cover design. ROYSTON GREEN, born in 1918, is a teacher who has worked and travelled a great deal in the Celtic countries, and speaks several Celtic languages; holds numerous offices in Mebyon Kernow and is a member of the Cornish Gorsedd of Bards - his bardic name is TREVESYK (countryman). LEOPOLD KOHR's work is already well known to Resurgence readers. He is in his early fifties and his reputation as the initiator of a whole new field of studies in conceptual economics, on which he has worked for many years, is at last beginning to be acknowledged even in those hallowed academic spheres where a new idea is apt to be regarded as a grave breach of academic etiquette. He is the Professor of Economics at the University of Puerto Rico. PAUL ROCHE was born in India, an Englishman who has lived for many years in America, where in 1965 he won the first Alice Fay di Castagnola Prize. His verse translations of Sophocles and Aeschylus have sold many hundreds of thousands in paperback in the States, and he has Plautus and Sappho volumes in preparation. He now lives with his American wife and four children in the heart of Berkshire. JACK SAYERS is 27 and a teacher of maladjusted children in a state institution. He gained his initial experiences of this work in Rudolph Steiner schools here and in Germany. PETER TOWN who designed the title heading to the cover of this issue was born in London in 1947 and educated at Holmewood House and the Blue Coat School (Liverpool). He has travelled widely in Europe and lived in Cyprus, South America and Israel-in Israel working for a time on a Kibbutz. He has a keen interest in Poetry and is himself an enthusiastic writer. Has exhibited at the Falmouth Festival, Better Books and the Indica Gallery. He is now studying graphic design at the Bath Academy of Art. ANNE VOGEL says she was raised in a nice middle class home and became a socialist after observing the British ruling class in India and the conditions of British workers in the hungry thirties. In World War II joined British Section of IVth International which seemed to her the only people who opposed the war and had realistic programme for a peaceful world. After the bombing of Hiroshima became interested in direct action against nuclear weapons and gradually realised the need for radical nonviolent change in social structure.