RESURGENCE Vol. 1. No. 11 January/February 1968 2/6

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Donald Groom

Whom the Gods Would Destroy Who Mocks Freedom? Advertising After Vietnam

Buddhist Economics


How Big?

Review-" The New Industrial State " Review-" Science and Survival"

The Fourth World


Concern for India Resurgence Affairs

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DONALD GROOM, who is the Treasurer of the W.R.L and Chairman of the Fellowship of the Friends of Truth, was born in 1913 of Quaker parents. His early training in accountancy was broadened by W.E.A classes and in 1936 he did a course in National Socialism at the University of Bonn where, he declares, ' many lessons were learnt'. Subsequently he joined the P.P.U. and the Friends Service Council with whom he did relief work in Spain during the Civil War. This was followed by 16 years in India doing rural development work and becoming closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi and, later, Vinoba Bhave. He has since lectured extensively in the U.S.A. and has recently been appointed as General Secretary of the National Peace Council. LEOPOLD KOHR is Professor of Economics in the University of Puerto Rico and the man who caused an uproar with his now famous development plan for the smallest state in the world ' Anguilla ' (pop. 6,000, thirteen miles long, three miles wide). He is the author of The Breakdown of Nations and The Overdeveloped Nations, and also writes many articles for the press. TOM PHILIPS designed the cover for this issue. He is in his early thirties and lives in S.E. London with his wife and their two small children.

He has lectured and exhibited his work extensively in the U.S.A. and Britain; one of his main concerns is to achieve a harmonic integration of sound and visual experience and some of his


works have the appearance of rather unusual musical scores. DR. E. F. SCHUMACHER is the Director of Statistics of the National Coal Board whose writings on questions of aid and development have attracted so much attention in recent years. He was educated at the Universities of Bonn, Berlin, Oxford and Columbia (New York) and has worked in business, farming and journalism. Since 1946 he has been Economic Adviser respectively to the British Control Commission in Germany, the Government of Burma and the Indian Planning Commission; he is also the main inspiration behind the Intermediate Technology Group. A speech he made recently to the Clean Air Society's Annual Conference led to an angry response from nuclear energy officials who betrayed a doubtless welljustified touchiness on the subject of nuclear waste and genetic safety. It even led to a question in the House of Commons, with a minister ponderously agreeing that Dr. Schumacher's speech was "irresponsible". He remains, needless to say, unrepentant, as well he might, especially since the conference greeted his speech with a standing ovation.

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John Furniva1, Graham Keen (Art Work), David Kuhrt (Poetry Editor), Sybil Morrison, Chris Reeve. Editor: John Papworth. Business Manager : Jacob Garonzhki. Corresponding Secretary : Roger Franklin.