RESURGENCE Vol. 2. No. May/June 1968 3/-

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Editorial An Answer to Race Hate

Comment The Biaf ran Lesson

Sterling Crisis fhomas Merton The Sacred City

Peter Bradford Poem- " Parliament "

Geoffrey Ashe Non-Violence in the West I

Thomas Kabdebo Poem- " Questions "


Peter Twilley Non-Violence in the West II

Correspondence R. D. Casey, Richard Harvey, A.G. Higgins

David Holbrook Beter be Bad than Nothing

R. F. The Fourth World

John Papworth Earl's Court (and Oxford) Notebook



GEOFFREY ASHE was educated at St. Paul's School, London, the University of British Columbia, and Cambridge, where he was a Senior Scholar of Trinity and achieved a First in the English tripos. His books include " Land to the West" ( 1962) and " The Land of the Book " (1965), both deriving from his fascination with King Arthur as a personification of the collective mystique of the Hero.

His recently published book on Gandhi, A Study in Revolution, stamps him as one of the foremost authorities on Gandhi's life and work in Britain today.

* * * PETER BRADFORD left school eight years ago and served an apprenticeship for five years as a Carpenter and Joiner. During this time he began doing voluntary work with the Simon Community and also became involved with the Peace Movement. Gave up Carpentry and went to College for a year and is now working at a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Day Centre in Hackney. Began writing poetry about a year ago.

* * *

TOM PHILLIPS, who designed the cover, is a painter who also works in the fields of music (composition/ performance) and concrete poetry. His political/philosophical views are still, at age thirty, largely inchoate. Seems to him that views people express are incomplete rather than correct or incorrect. Would rather see discussed warsurrogate than disarmament. Approximate position at time of writing; anarchist (middle-left).


DAVID HOLBROOK was born in 1923 in Norwich, is married and has three children . During the 'sixties he has become one of our most prolific writers and his published works, which already number nearly thirty, include volumes of poetry, fiction, criticism, short stories, educational theory, libretti and songs, as well as numerous compilations on a wide variety of topics, to say nothing of a continuous stream of highly controversial articles. He has recently returned from lecturing in the United States.

* * *

THOMAS KABDEBO was born in Budapest in 1934. Settled in England in 1956. Studied Hungarian literature in Budapest, English history in Cardiff and Librarianship in London. Published a volume of poetry satire (Fortified Princecription, 1964) two books of translations (Gemau Hungaria, Denbigh, Gee, 1962 and Attila Jozsef, London, Danubia, 1966), and edited two anthologies of poetry (Poet, Hungarian Number, Madras, AprilMay, 1967 and U.C.L. Poetry 1967, London, University College London, Poetry Seminar/ Workshop, 1967).

* * * PETER TWILLEY. Born in London 1933, studied music for 5 years at Guildhall School of Music; was imprisoned for 6 months for refusing Military Service. The twin passions, for music and for action to relieve suffering has led him to search through his work as composer, teacher and pianist, to take part in communal living experiments and explore most aspects of life in present-day society. His religious search has led him through Christianity, Quakerism and Zen Buddhism. He is now leading the work of the Tathata Centre, about which he writes.