Vol. 2. No. 6 March/April 1969 3/-


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3 Editorial

6 Poem

In Place of Strife

Paul Matthews


John Papworth 24 Abercom Place London, N .W.8

7 The Will to Peace and the Ronald Sampson

Arms Race 9 Poem 'Statues'

David Morris

10 V inoba Says :

Vinoba Bhave


David Kuhrt 16 Ossian Road London. N .4

12 Two Years of Resurgence Avraham Ben-Y osef 14 Quotes

16 Metaphysics of Non-Viol- Anne Vogel

Layout Graham Keen & Art John Furnival ence 20 Letters

22 R eview

Francis Engleheart, Dorry

Lake, Barnaby Martin, John Milne

Advertising Dharam Pal

Managing Roger Franklin

Obsolete Communism: The Editor

Left Wing Alternative

24 Review

25 Simon Notebook

Non-Violence or


John Papworth


Business Jacob Garonzhki & Subs. 94 Priory Road

London, N.W.6


A VRAHAM BEN-YOSEF lives on a kibbutz in Israel and has been enthusiastic about Resurgence since he discovered it and is assiduous in suggesting names of possible new Resurgence subscribers. He takes a very independent line on Arab/ Israel politics. His book, Ancient History of the Twentieth Century which will be published by Porter Sargent, Boston, this spring, is a critical view of our times seen from the year AD. 3000.

PEGGY HEMMING is an economist who works with the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. She has studied and worked at Oxford, Geneva, Chicago, Washington and in Western Australia, as well as with several British Government departments. She assisted her late husband in his work on zoological nomenclature. She has two daughters, one studying at Oxford, the other at Bristol College of Education.

PAUL MATTHEWS was born Michaelmas Day 1944. He has a degree in English, Sussex Univ., and is now studying at Emerson College to be a teacher in a Rudolph Steiner school. Recently married. He has had poems printed in many magazines, and edits' I Ith. Finger' (poetry magazine).

About himself, DAVID MORRIS says : "unmarried, untravelled, uninteresting. Born 1940. Have, except for 2 years in London, lived all my life in Worcestershire." Which suggests, as our poetry editor remarked when we published his first poem in Resurgence 2/ 3, that, to judge from the quality of his poetry, David Morris may be hiding his light under a bushel.


RONALD SAMPSON lectures in Politics at Bristol University and is a leading authority on Tolstoi. He has written numerous articles on contemporary problems in Peace News and other publications and is the author of Equality and Power (the U.S. edition is called Psychology and Power.)

ANNE VOGEL was raised in a nice middle class home and became a socialist after observing the British ruling class in India and the conditions of British workers in the hungry thirties. In World War II she joined the British Section of the IVth International which seemed to her the only people who opposed the war and had a realistic programme for a peaceful world. After the bombing of Hiroshima she became interested in direct action against nuclear weapons and gradually realised the need for radical nonviolent change in social structure.

The cover of this issue is by GRAHAM KEEN

This issue of Resurgence is Volume 2, Number 6 and completes our third year of publication. We hope shortly to have an index of the first volume and details of this will be announced in future issues. Meanwhile may we remind those readers whose subscriptions coincide with the appearance (annually) of the first number of each new half volume that their subscriptions for the next twelve months are due now.