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Editorial Where Do We Stand?

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The Use of the Land E. F. Schumacher

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Jock Young

Education Now Paul Goodman


Poem ' Contest ' Peter Robins


Review of Michael North

' Anarchy and Culture ' 23 Letters Peter Adams, E. J. Beaven,

Basil Druitt, Diana Lodge, Virginia Naeve , 'One & All', a Zimbabwean

27 Air Passenger Notebook John Papworth

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PAUL GOODMAN, who describes his position as 'anarchist decentralist,' was born in 1911 and received a B.A. from the City College of New York and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He is a novelist, poet, critic and playwright.

His numerous books include Growing Up Absurd, Compulsory Mis-Education, People or Personnel, Communitas (with Percival Goodma_n), Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals, and Like A Conquered Province.

PETER ROBINS, a former radio correspondent in Central Africa, has published a book of poems and has had several plays broadcast. In his late 30's he works for the BBC and lives in South L-Oo'don. We published other poems by him in Resurgence Vol. 1, No. 6 and Vol. 2, No. 3.

DR. E. F. SCHUMACHER is the Director of Statistics of the National Coal Board and he is also the main inspiration behind the Intermediate Technology Development Group. He was educat~d at the universities of Bonn, Oxford and Columbia, and has worked in business, farming and journalism. Since 1946 he has been Economic Adviser to the British Control Commission in Germany, the Government of Burma, and the Indian Planning Commission. In recent years his brilliant lectures and writings on appropriate methods of development, several of which have been pub_lished in Resurgence, have attracted much attent10n.

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