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01 Kandia Kouyaté ‘Kassi Doundo’


02 Bareto ‘La Voz del Sinchi’ 03 The Gurdjieff Ensemble ‘Zulo’ 04 The Rheingans Sisters ‘Bourées’ 05 Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood &

The Rajasthan Express ‘Junun’

06 George Telek ‘Midel’

07 Bayarbaatar Davaasuren ‘Minii Eej (My Mother)’

08 Dexter Story & Alsarah ‘Without an Address’

09 Stelios Petrakis ‘Chaniotika Syrta’ 10 Dizu Plaatjies & Friends ‘Traffic i Jemile’

top of the world

CD 114


PLUS 5 tracks chosen by Natalie Merchant 11 Mayte Martín ‘Por la Mar Chica del Puerto’

12 Fatoumata Diawara ‘Kanou’ 13 Rhiannon Giddens ‘Shake Sugaree’ 14 Dolores Keane & John Faulkner ‘Thuas Ag Gort An Chornáin’

15 Olivia Chaney ‘There’s Not a Swain’

Featuring Fatoumata Diawara, Stelios Petrakis, Kandia Kouyaté, Bareto, The Gurdjieff Ensemble, Rhiannon Giddens, Shye Ben Tzur and more...


16 Alison Brown (feat Keb’ Mo’) ‘What’s Going On’

Exclusively with the January/February 2016 issue of Songlines. STWCD90.

This compilation & © 2015 MA Business & Leisure Ltd

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STWCD90 This compilation & © 2015 MA Business & Leisure Ltd info@songlines.co.uk, www.songlines.co.uk Executive producer Paul Geoghegan. Compiled and sequenced by Simon Broughton. Design by Calvin McKenzie. Mastering by Good Imprint. CD pressing by Software Logistics Ltd. The producers of this CD have paid the composers and publishers for the use of their music.



16 Alison Brow n (featuring Keb’ Mo’ ) ‘ What ’s Going On’ (5:03) The So ng of the Banjo (Compass Records) & © 2015 Compass Records. Courtesy of Compass Records


05 Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajas than Express ‘ Junun’ (5:57) Junun ( Nonesuch Records) & © 2015 ATC Management under licence to Nonesuch Records Inc. Courtesy of Nonesuch Records

15 Olivia Chaney ‘ There’s Not a Swain’ (4:21) The Lo ngest Rive r ( Nonesuch Records) & © 2015 Nonesuch Records Inc. Courtesy of Nonesuch Records

14 D o l o re s Ke a n e & J o h n Fa u l k n e r ‘ Thuas Ag Gor t An Chornáin’ (2:57) S ai l Óg Ru a (Gael Linn) 1993 & © 2015 Gael Linn. Courtesy of Gael Linn

08 Dext er St or y & Alsarah ‘ Without an Address’ (4:11) Wo nde m (Soundway Records) & © 2015 Soundway Records Ltd. Courtesy of Soundway Records 09 Stelios Petrakis ‘Chanioti ka Syr ta’ (3:54) The Ar t of the Lyra (Ocora Radio France) & © 2015 Ocora Radio France. Courtesy of Ocora Radio France 10 D izu Plaatjies & Friend s ‘ Traffi c iJemi le’ (4:24) Ubuntu : The Co mm o n String ( Mountain Records) 2015 Lee Thorp Entertainment for Mountain Records & © 2015 Songwrights Publishers. Courtesy of Mountain Records

13 Rhiannon Giddens ‘Shake Sugaree’ (4:27) To m o rrow is My Turn ( Nonesuch Records) & © 2015 Nonesuch Records Inc. Courtesy of Nonesuch Records op of the world plaYlist tracks

04 The Rheingans Sis ters ‘ Bourées’ (3:42) Alrea d y Ho me ( RootBeat Records) & © 2015 The Rheingans Sisters under exclusive licence to RootBeat Records Ltd. Courtesy of RootBeat Records

03 The Gurdjieff Ensemble ‘Zulo’ (3:01) Komitas (ECM Records) & © 2015 ECM Records GmbH. Courtesy of ECM

12 Fatoumat a D iawara ‘ Kanou’ (3:56) Fatou ( World Circuit) & © 2011 World Circuit Ltd. Courtesy of World Circuit

11 Mayte Mar tín ‘ Por la Mar Chica del Puer to’ (2:58) Al Cantar a Manu el ( World Vi llage) 2009 Mayte Martín/World Village & © 2009 Nuevos Medios SA. Courtesy of Nuevos Medios

07 Bayarbaatar Davaasuren ‘ M inii Eej ( My Mother)’ (4:43) The Ar t of Mo ngolian Kh öö m ii (ARC Music) & © 2015 ARC Music Productions Int Ltd. Courtesy of ARC Music

06 George Telek ‘ M idel’ (4:15) Celebratio n of a Lege nd ( Wantok Musi k) & © 2015 Wantok Musik. Courtesy of Wantok Musik

02 Bareto ‘ L a Voz del Sinchi’ (4:09) Impredeci ble ( World Vi llage) & © La Calor SAC/Bareto under exclusive licence to World Village UK. Courtesy of Harmonia Mundi

01 Kandia Kouyaté ‘ Kassi Doundo’ (5:11) Re nas ce nce (Sterns) 2015 Sterns Africa & © 2015 Sterns Music. Courtesy of Sterns

01 Kandia Kouyaté ‘Kassi Doundo’ From Renascence on Sterns After a long wait due to various unfortunate circumstances, Malian superstar Kandia Kouyaté defiantly returns with the third solo album of her long-spanning career. See p46



10 tracks from this issue’s best new albums + 6 bonus tracks exclusively with the Jan /Feb 2016 issue of Songlines

06 George Telek ‘Midel’ From Celebration of a Legend on Wantok Musik This 19-track compilation aims to reinforce George Telek’s reputation as one of Papua New Guinea’s greatest musicians, with a broad selection of old and newer material on show. See p63

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02 Bareto ‘La Voz del Sinchi’ From Impredecible on World Village Peruvian group Bareto have found their groove. Fusing their country’s musical origins with contemporary production, they’ve released one of the best albums of its kind this year. See p48

07 Bayarbaatar Davaasuren ‘Minii Eej (My Mother)’ From The Art of Mongolian Khöömii on ARC Music Davaasuren demonstrates originality and innovation on six compositions that showcase the unique music of Mongolian throat singing (khöömei). See p59







03 The Gurdjieff Ensemble ‘Zulo’ From Komitas on ECM Records The folk melodies collected by Komitas are rearranged by Armenian composer Levon Eskenian, resulting in an album of beautifully textured songs. See p61

04 The Rheingans Sisters ‘Bourées’ From Already Home on RootBeat Records The fiddle-playing sister duo from the Peak District display strong and slick performances on their second album, drawing from French musical influences with brilliant results. See p55

05 Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express ‘Junun’ From Junun on Nonesuch Records A bold and ambitious collaboration, Junun exhibits a magnificent fusion of qawwali and Western music. See p64

08Dexter Story & Alsarah ‘Without an Address’ From Wondem on Soundway Records Dexter Story’s latest work takes influences from the music of Ethiopia, blending them with modern production styles to create an endearing album. See p67

09 Stelios Petrakis ‘Chaniotika Syrta’ From The Art of the Lyra on Ocora Radio France Composer and musician Stelios Petrakis produces a highly rhythmical album, featuring sensitive lyra playing that pays homage to the composers and teachers who played before him. See p54

10 Dizu Plaatjies & Friends ‘Traffic iJemile’ From Ubuntu: The Common String on Mountain Records An African music veteran since the late 1970s, Dizu Plaatjies releases an enjoyable album that embraces a mixture of genres with a South African twist. See p47

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