Contents no 204 February 2004

4 Editorial

Up for the Cup

6 Diary

Arsenal crack the Champions League; eight months for Rio; Carlisle go win crazy; Spurs slip into trouble

10 The Bigger Picture

When Villa met Bolton at Wembley

12 Sidelines

Dire at Dundee; Lincs League rivalry; Rwandan revival; footballing fathers

17 Ireland Stadium

The Republic look for a new home

18 State of the Premiership

Why the uneven league is not as boring as some claim; plus what a 16-team championship would look like

22 Strange Case Of...

Igor Belanov, the least remembered European football of the year

23 News Just In

Rooney escapes; Rio looks to find himself

24 Agents

Sven’s representative Athole Still on cleaning up the game and those Chelsea rumours; the history of agents’ involvement in the game; the men behind the Australian player migration

30 Football and Rap

A footballing MC and players who want to be playas; tracing the links between football and modern black music

34 Football Games

How a childhood can be relived via Ebay

36 Ends

A popular old stand at Huddersfield

38 Strikers

How the centre-forward’s role has altered since the heyday of a cricketing footballer

40 Letter From...

Brazil, experimenting with a league system where the top team wins the title

46 Birmingham City

WSC ’s club-by-club guide

Football board games page 34



“This is as sophisticated as the argument gets: these clubs are unworthy, simply because they aren’t among the top three wealthiest”

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