1 Editorial

5 The next issue of MPT

6 Bewketu Seyoum, poems, translated by the author and Chris Beckett

14 Martti Hynynen, five poems, translated by Mike Horwood

18 Oliver Reynolds, ‘Rosenegg’s Night’

20 Waldo Williams, ‘Spring 1946’, translated by Jason Walford Davies

23 Pascale Petit, four poems

30 Rocco Scotellaro, poems, translated by Allen Prowle

45 Robert Saxton, sonnets from Hesiod’s Calendar

54 Anna Lewis, ‘The Wash-house’, from the Mabinogion

60 João de Jesus Paes Loureiro, two poems, translated by Stefan Tobler

63 Antônio Moura, three poems, translated by Stefan Tobler

67 Mary-Ann Constantine, ‘Notre Dame de Port Blanc’, from the Breton ‘Itron Varia ar Porz-Gwenn’

78 Terry Gifford, Ted Hughes, Translation and Ecopoetics

82 Pauline Stainer, six poems

88 Jeff Nosbaum, ‘Cape Weavers’

90 Siriol Troup, three poems

93 Dante, Purgatory, Canto xix, 1-36, translated by Mark Leech

96 Wulf Kirsten, ‘village’, translated by Dennis Tomlinson

98 Wulf Kirsten, ‘Bleak Place’, translated by Stefan Tobler

102 Elisha Porat, three poems, translated by Cindy Eisner

104 Anne Cluysenaar, two poems

107 Anna Crowe, ‘The Mysterious Starling’