CONTENTS No. 292 September/October 2015

Cover image: Boyhood Line, 2015 by Richard Long

Photograph: Max McClure



10 NO ROOM IN THE MARKET Aditya Chakrabortty meets the new breed of


housing activists 12 NATURE AND JOY Michael McCarthy on how the natural world can inspire us to conserve it 16 FRAMING THE CLIMATE TALKS Laurence and Alison Matthews present a guide for environmental action 18 WHY ARE INDIAN FARMERS DYING? Vandana Shiva highlights the impact of industrialised agriculture


21 VISIONS OF HEAVEN Philip Pullman on the influence and inspiration of William Blake


26 ISLAM’S WARRIOR FOR PEACE Heathcote Williams reflects on the life of Badshah Khan 28 I SPEAK FOR THE EARTH James Lovelock outlines the Gaia theory, as published in Resurgence in 1988 30 GREEN MANTRAS Swami Chidanand Saraswati on Hinduism and Nature 33 HEALTH AND HARMONY Ian Skelly on the universal worth of JS Bach 36 SLOW, SMALL AND SIMPLE Satish Kumar meets Japanese activist Keibo Oiwa Julia Ponsonby shares her recipe for Dappled Raisin Bread; Lindsay Clarke reviews Helen Moore’s new book of poetry, Ecozoa; Leon Stuparich retraces the Dalai Lama’s footsteps and puts his teachings to the test; and a new gallery feature on ar tist Jo Oakley. All the stories environmentalists across the globe are talking about; plus opinion pieces and reviews. Check for new daily content, including regular analysis of key political issues. To contact the editor, email

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September/October 2015