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Free thinking since 1913

John Berger: “The dead are not abandoned” 34

Versailles, 1919: why Keynes detested the treaty 28

Up Front

3 Leader 10 Correspondence


7 Peter Wilby salutes Charles Kennedy and says no thanks to cheap kicks from the cricket 9 George Eaton says Labour needs a mascot in the Blair mould 19 John Bew on British values and how the leftist intelligentsia lost Labour the last election 40 Ed Smith explores how sportsmen deal with ageing


12 In the Picture 13 Fifa: Jonathan Wilson Sepp Blatter’s many friends outside Europe couldn’t save him 15 Encounter: Philip Maughan Gerald Weaver remembers his Yale sweetheart, the war correspondent Marie Colvin 16 Food: Julian Baggini The vegetarian movement has ground to a halt 16 In the Frame: Tom Humberstone Our weekly satirical cartoon strip says au revoir to readers 16 Science: Michael Brooks Why we remember summer better than winter 17 Commons Confidential: Kevin Maguire The pick of the best gossip from Westminster 18 Haiti: Philip Hoare Five years after the earthquake that killed 300,000 people, new hopes for the island nation


22 Melvyn Bragg, Tom Holland, Owen Jones, Helen Kennedy and Jesse Norman explore the myths and meaning of Magna Carta 800 years on 28 Amartya Sen on the economic consequences of austerity 34 Philip Maughan meets the writer and artist John Berger, who is now 88 and resident in Paris

“Quite what Mousey wants with the recycling bag I do not know” Nicholas Lezard, page 62

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