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Nigeria’s power finally switches on

Will E African unity hold! Nigeria dumps oil subsidies The new Mercedes Benz SL class

US targets Somalia Bush cuts Africa budget

Zambia: Mwanawasa rules a house divided

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Algeria: DH150 Australia: AS6.60 Austria: € 4 .00 B ahrain: BD 1 ,500 Belgium : FB I45 C an ad a : 5 5 .2 5 CFA Zone: CFA 1,800 C yp rus: C£2.00 Denmark: DKr30

Egypt: E£10.00 Ethiopia: BR20.00 France: F25.00 Gambia: D a30.00 Germany: € 3 .60 Ghana: C e l 0 ,000 Greece: Dr 1300 Ita ly : L6000

What is ailing the W rand?

GM crops: The African angle

J ap an : Y700 Jo rd a n : JD 2 .5 00 Kenya: KShs200 Kuwait: KD 1.200 Lebanon: LL5,000 L ib eria: U S$4.00 Morocco: Dh20.00 N am ib ia: N515.95 (d u ty & sales tax incl)

Netherlands: € 4.00 N igeria: N200.00 Portugal: Esc655 Q atar: QR 15.00 S aud i Arabia: R ls l5 .0 0 S ie rra Leone: LE8,000 South Africa: R15.00 in c tax O ther Southern Africa C ountries: R 13.90

(in c tax)

Sweden: SKr30.00 T un is ia : TD2.000 T anzania: T Shs2,500 UAE: Dh 15.00 Uganda: U Sh5,000 UK: £2.50 USA: 54.25 Zambia: ZK 10,000 Zimbabwe: Z$ 100.00 in c tax