NEWSFLASH 5 News Highlights 7 Letter:. 9 Psst 10 South Africa Watchdog

FEATURES 15 Dutch court case over Nam ib ia ’s uranium: Which com panies’ names will com e up during the testim ony?

SECTOR BY SECTOR 17 Agriculture: Uganda voices high hopes for a recovery

17 Botswana abattoir wins European funding

18 Malawi experiments with mushrooms 18 Banking & Finance: Ugandan bank faces liquidity crisis 19 New foundation aims to promote small businesses in Africa

19 Energy & M in ing: Controversy surrounds privatisation of Liberian oil company 20 Zambia's copper carries a high tax burden 21 Sudan’s oil operations are still in abeyance

21 Tanzania aims to exploit caustic soda 21 In fras tru c tu re : Zimbabwe plans to boost water supply 22 Manufacturing & Technology: Zimbabwe's textiles and horticulture sectors flourish 46 Malawi develops a new line in packing 47 Kenya’s papaya wine is prize-winner in Brussels 47 M arket Network: Zimbabwe’s trade policy hits Malawi

49 Ghana plans to sell off state enterprises 49 Zimbabwe initiates export-promotion drive 50 T ransport & Communications: Southern Africa's railways move to curb pilfering

50 Zambia tackles the problem of airline “ no shows"


23 In troduction

24 Hotels: Five-star comfort comes to Uganda 24 Seychelles beckons the business traveller

24 Zaire adds capacity in Kinshasa 25 Nigeria's new mega-hotel in Abuja 25 New hotels go up in Guinea-Bissau and Botswana . .,

26 . . . in Nigeria . . . 27 . . . and in Cameroon 27 Hotel news from Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Mauritius and Sierra Leone

27 Mozambique: Beira for beginners 28 Sudan watches as tourism dries up 29 Conference venues: Mombasa jo ins the conference big time

32 Kenya: Nairobi offers a range of hotels

4 C I n a n unprecedented action, the UN is

I w suing a Dutch com pany fo r refin ing uranium mined in Namibia in b rea ch o f Decree No 1. The repercussions o f the case w ill b e w idely felt as the activities o f several other multinationals involved are unravelled and made public.

O O I f y ou travel to ^ O Kampala, y ou ’ll b e delighted to know that the com fo rt o f a Sheraton hotel will soon b e available. Our annual BUSINESS TRAVELSURVEY lo ok s at new developm ents that c ou ld affect y ou r next trip.


35 Overview : Local expertise wins the day

39 In te rnatio nal M a r itim e Bureau: Promoting international trading links

40 Piracy: Taking the wind from the pirate's sails 41 Port rehabilitation : Infrastructure gets much needed face-lift

45 Trucks: Angola moves into truck assembly

COUNTRY BRIEFINGS 55 Zambia: Shortages shift again, this time from pocket to marketplace

56 Z im babwe: Small-scale investors could double gold output

57 Kenya: Planners adjust course for rougher seas

58 Ethiopia: Donors respond to food-aid appeal 59 Seychelles: Tourism & fishing perform well

60 Nigeria: Why they are queuing to sell cocoa, even at a loss 61 Comoros: Vanilla leads a slight upturn 62 Tanzania: New chapter for investors

Cover Photo: Design and photograph by Matthew Rake.

Q E A B ’s special FREIGHT & TRANSPORT W w SURVEY fo cu se s on the grow in g sophistication o f the A fr ican market, the continued p roblem o f p ira cy and the organisations established to counteract fraud and to preserve trust betw een traders.

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