No, we haven’t made a mistake. W e have a different calendar to you. Ours starts from the year 622AD, when the Prophet Mohammed travelled from Makkah to Medinah. O u r airline, however, started exactly 40 years ago. In a country as large as Saudi Arabia, air travel soon took o ff. N ow w e ’re expanding so fast, statistics are rapidly out o f date.

But here are a few you may like to bear in mind. Saudia carry over 11m illion passengers ayear, flying between 23 domestic and 44 international destinations.

W e have a 92-strong fleet that includes Boeing 747’s,

Lockheed TriStars and the first 11 Airbus A300-600’s.

14 new aircraft w ill wear our livery this year, including 10 o f the latest stretch-top 747’s.

And w e ’re determined to improve a93% punctuality record. (Just about any airline would be proud o f it.)

I f the figures mean nothing to you, the fo od will. O u r in-flight cuisine wouldn’t be out o f place in a top restaurant.

So isn’t it about time we w e lcom ed you into our world? Because it looks ___________ I like 1405 is going to be 5 U f O I C l * SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES A MEMBER OF IATA

another very g o o d year. Wdcome toourworld.