NEWSFLASH 5 Newsflash 6 Agenda 7 Psst


9 Letter from Lagos: “Triple A” & the Vienna steal

10 Letter from Nessim Gaon 12 Zambia Airways’ DC-10 arrives 14 Aircraft financing: Beware of the payback

16 Cover Story: AB Focus on Guinea 24 South Africa’s middle class: traitors or saviours?


26 Zimbabwe's maize-policy debate; beans means bucks for Zimbabwe

BANKING & FINANCE 27 Uganda’s instant local credit; Cameroon investment code


28 Birds of a colonial feather; Sudan & the Fashoda incident


35 Overview: Lending priorities 37 The Future: New horizons; Multinational representation 39 Aid: Development gains justify low returns; The first two decades

COUNTRY BRIEFINGS 42 Zimbabwe: AB attends unique AGM at Vic falls

47 Zaire: Belgian visit signals renewal ties 48 The Gambia: Groundnut slump requires “ sacrifices'’ 49 Mozambique: South Africa cashes in on aid trade

50 Malawi: The great grain success story 51 Ethiopia: UK treads slowly on trade initiative

52 Namibia: Tough budget, tougher future

CONSTRUCTION 53 Comoros' new port: Who needs it?


54 IDA funds Kenyan geothermal wells; Valeo & Ghana come to terms

BOTSWANA SURVEY 61 Overview: A testing time 63 Trade: Between SA & SADCC 64 Agriculture: Diversification plans 65 Labour: Slow development; Tourism 66 Minerals: High exports the key 67 Communications: Breaking out of isolation

__________ WATER SUPPLY SURVEY_________

71 Overview: UN Water Supply Decade; Monolift handpump 72 Private money, public projects 73 Handpumps: The perfect pump search 74 Contracts: Closing the gap 75 Tanzania’s rural initiative 77 Drought: Rethinking irrigation policy; Reaching the water’


78 Zambian workers go unpaid; Tanzania wage-scale objections

MANUFACTURING & TECHNOLOGY 81 Kenya as “ chemical dustbin” ; Bamburi's cement glut woes

MARKET NETWORK 83 Surplus dissolves sugar pact 84 Tobacco giants vie in Sudan; Briefs


85 Greek buys into ZCCM; Zimbabwe ferro-chrome mine shuts


86 West African shipping; Tazara steel theft


A ^ Z am b ia Airways’DC-10 has just arrived. I rnmThe plane some said could never be financed has landed in Lusaka amidst much jubilation. JEFF RANDALL reports.

O O T o W w commemorate the African Development Bank’s 20th anniversary, African Business takes stock of where the prestigious organisation stands after two decades. In a special survey, HOWARD FRENCH in Abidjan examines its changing profile.

£* Q T h e UN’s Water W 3 # Decade has almost reached the half-way mark. African Business’s annual Water Supply survey compiled by BARBARA GUNNELL - asks whether any of the UN’s ambitious targets can now be met by new initiatives in technology and contracting procedures.

African Business September 1984 3