5 Newsflash 7 Psst 8 Agenda 9 People on the move

FEATURES 13 N ig eria ’s labour/m ilita ry honeymoon 17 Letter from Lagos 18 Guest column: Lagos Plan

COUNTRY BRIEFINGS 21 Mauritius: quest for investors

24 Ghana: labour pains 24 Kenya: revising imports policy 25 Ivo ry Coast: how much reform? 26 The Congo: expectations versus realities

27 Somalia: refugees and nomads


28 Sudan's cement folly axed; briefs

BANKING & FINANCE 29 PTA’s new money issue; Ghana Farmer’s Cheque under fire


30 Protecting Zimbabwe’s jobs; SA strike wave

AFRICAN BUSINESS 1983 INDEX 31 1983 Country Index 40 1983 Subject Index

AGRICULTURE 42 Sierra Leone timber scandal 43 Disease hits Sudan cattle; challenge to African coffee

ENERGY 44 Luanda punishes Lisbon oil firm; briefs

MARKET NETWORK 45 Guinness in Kenya comeback; briefs

MINING 46 Cobalt demand boost; Kenya minerals probed 47 RTZ shares boost; Aredor diamonds on the way


48 West Africa telecommunications on course

49 Zimbabwe’s ageing motor fleet


50 African publishing; telecommunications dilemma

ZAMBIA SURVEY 55 “ Export or pe r is h ’ 57 Trouble with small businesses 58 A sugar-coated budget; the emerald drain 59 Transport tax woes

60 What future after university? 61 Luring high-rolling tourists

SCANDINAVIAN SURVEY 65 Reviewing the aid-for-trade equation

£5 The Jonglei canal project has joined the w Bentiu oilfield and the long-range pipeline as the latest victim o f guerrilla actions in southern Sudan. AB reports the details.

C C Strapped by # foreign-exchange

H r #


economy. Our survey

Z focusses on the

**' small-business i r f i

A O Nigerian labour gave the military perhaps 1 w i t s biggest welcome. But any attempt to load more austerity measures onto the workers’ backs is likely to meet stiff resistance.

African Business March 1984 3