CONTENTS ___________ NEWSFLASH___________ 5 News highlights 9 Psst13 Agenda, April-June

FEATURES 14 Opec and Africa: In trouble together

16 Israel in Africa: Low profile 18 Edgard Pisan! speaks out

COUNTRY BRIEFINGS 21 Nigeria: Burnt fingers 22 Zambia: Budget discipline 23 Cameroon: Growth market 23 Botswana: Diamonds help 24 Senegal: Investment push REGIONAL OUTLOOK 25 Francophone West Africa: III wind blows

25 Indian Ocean: Hotting up 26 Central Africa: No-news budgets 27 Anglophone/Lusophone West Africa: Lady Luck smiles

28 Southern Africa: Surcharge cut likely 28 East Africa: Unrest stifles business

MOTOR SURVEY 35 Overview: Hidden costs of local assembly 36 Zambia: Bright future for buyers 37 Tanzania: Japanese may be keen 38 Nigeria: Cry for help 39 West Germany in

Africa: Empty pockets 40 Uganda: Two assembly plants 40 France in Africa: Renault boost

RAILWAY SURVEY 43 Overview: Making tracks towards a modern network

43 Zimbabwe: Electrification 45 Africa’s Master Plan: The big picture 47 Line-of-Rail

Communication: Latest technology 48 Francophone Africa: Canada, UK gain ground 49 Tanzania: Bright note in a sad song 51 UK in Africa: Rolling stock


52 Western agribusiness in Sudan 52 Ivory Coast rubber


53 Zaire returns to CSO 53 Charter’s troubled takeover bid


55 Nigeria. Government clampdown 55 Filling expellees' jobs


57 Ivory Coast: Espoirdeclines 57 Angola’s oil bonanza


58 Imperialism and Underdevelopment in Nigeria 58 The Aluminium Industry and the Third World

1 A j * aving puJ,ed through the greatest crisis o f its ■ ^history, Opec now has to reassess its role in the world’s precarious oil markets as its share o f world production drops in the 1980s.

Africa’s motor inV 'w d u s t r y has been hit by drastic import restrictions that have resulted from the foreignexchange shortages o f most countries. A special African Business survey examines the future o f motor imports and assembling in Africa. As the recession takes its toll, survival is the name o f the game.

4 H Africa has

I ambitious rail plans. But the current reality is one o f finance shortage, the degeneration o f rolling stock and railway lines and, in many cases, poor administration. African Business surveys current projects and future plans and finds that there are serious efforts being made to halt the general run-down o f the continent’s railway system.

African Business April 1983 3