Bedřich Smetana The Complete Piano Works VII Jitka Čechová piano

2 CD

Franz Xaver Richter

Requiem Sinfonia Con Fuga

De profundis CzechEn semble


Roman Válek conductor





Sergey Taneyev The Complete Quintets Martinů Quartet Jitka Hosprová viola Olga Vinokur piano Jiří Bárta cello

2 CD

Radek Baborák

Orquestrina Piazzolla / Ravel /

Fauré / Kogan

/ Saglietti

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The Usher Hall Organ Vol II John Kitchen Edinburgh City Organist John Kitchen has established a hugely popular series of concerts featuring the Usher Hall’s monumental organ, and draws on its repertoire for this glorious centenary celebration. ‘Cecilia McDowall’s attractive opener makes suitably sparkling play with the higher reaches of the keyboards and proves a worthy companion to S.S. Wesley’s evergreen Holsworthy Church Bells, which features the organ’s two-octave Carillon … The heft of the diapasons and the incision of the reed chorus come to the fore in the Guilmant and Jeremy Cull’s superb transcription of the MacCunn overture. By contrast, Clifton Hughes’s Rudolph variations are lit by some tasteful theatre-organ hues and Kitchen concludes with a richly registered account of the Bach Passacaglia and Fugue which shows just how versatile both player and his instrument are’ — Gramophone, February 2015

Purcell’s Revenge: Sweeter than Roses? Olivia Chaney, James Bowman, Ana Silvera, Jim Moray, Concerto Caledonia Delving into the past is never a simple matter for David McGuinness and his indomitable Concerto Caledonia. But the present venture, even more than most, eludes verbal description. The group return – in the company of some starry guests – to the territory of their 2011 Britten tribute Revenge of the Folksingers, now engaging with music by Henry Purcell in a tapestry of arrangements and creative responses which is never less than surprising. Variations by eighteenth-century Scot James Oswald rub shoulders with the Purcell tunes they are based on, while original songs by Olivia Chaney and Ana Silvera and some literally ‘electrifying’ instrumental contributions add to the general air of expectations confounded. New in March 2015

La Fauvette Passerinette: a Messiaen premiere Peter Hill piano In 2012, leading pianist and Messiaen scholar Peter Hill made a remarkable discovery among the composer’s papers: several pages of tightly written manuscript from 1961, constituting a near-complete and hitherto unknown work for piano. Here he sets this glittering addition to Messiaen’s piano output in the context both of the composer’s own earlier work and of music by the many younger composers on whom Messiaen was a profound influence – from Stockhausen and Takemitsu to George Benjamin, who like Hill himself worked closely with the composer in the years before his death. ‘A new Messiaen work may be the focus here, but this would be an outstanding recital even without that enticement’ —BBC Music Magazine, November 2014, INSTRUMENTAL CHOICE

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