1 Editorial

5 The Next Issue of MPT

6 A Notice and Two Corrections

7 Bernardo Atxaga, two poems, translated by Margaret Jull Costa

12 Gabriela Mistral, ‘The Foreigner’, translated by Arthur McHugh

14 Niyati Keni, Poetry in Four Dimensions

22 Helen and David Constantine, A Language without Words

25 Alyss Dye, ‘Word Blindness’

27 Moniza Alvi, ‘Writing at the Centre’

29 Saradha Soobrayen, One Foot in England and one Foot in Mauritius

33 Oliver Reynolds, ‘Slip’

34 Pascale Petit, ‘I was born in the Larzac’

39 Annemarie Austin, ‘Dysphasias’

43 Gregory Warren Wilson, three poems

47 Pedro Serrano, four poems from ‘Still Life’, translated by Anna Crowe

50 Stephanie Norgate, two haiku versions of Lucretius

54 Robin Fulton, four poems

57 Martha Kapos, two poems

60 Carole Satyamurti, three poems

63 Harry Martinson, five poems, translated by Robin Fulton