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It starts in the womb

‘So, pink or blue?’

The sonographer was prodding my belly. He grabbed a different ultrasound. ‘She’s using the wrong one,’ he said irritably of his colleague, standing next to him – who presumably had a name, and one that he knew.

Apparently the link to feminine pink or boyish blue – and associated life choices – starts in the womb, already established while my foetus was still gulping down amniotic fluid in preparation for breathing.

‘If you mean boy or girl,’ I said, with as much stiff dignity as I could muster, on my back, smeared in cold gel, with the sonographer’s hand resting casually on my crotch, ‘then yes, I would like to know.’ After more prodding, her sex was revealed: it was a girl!

Growing a girl, while I work on this feminism edition, brought the issues into sharper focus. It’s the world I have experienced as a woman in my lifetime and it’s the one that awaits her too. I wonder, how will she navigate the vagaries of consent? Persistent inequality?

But while concerned about what she’ll be up against, I have also been impressed by the fantastic women whose work is likely to make the world that bit more equal by the time she starts to make her way in it.

We were lucky to be able to draw on the expertise and experience of all-round internationalist feminist, the writer Hannah Pool, who has acted as Contributing Editor for this edition.

Women are celebrated throughout this magazine – Mixed Media reviews solely female authors and filmmakers, and this month we’ve elected to highlight Yemeni political activist Tawakkol Karman in Agenda. We are also excited to welcome comedian Kate Smurthwaite, who has a beef with cupcakes.

Elsewhere in the issue we check back in with developments in Haiti and analyse the propaganda war in Ukraine. n

Hazel Healy for the New Internationalist Co-operative newint.org r i g h t

C a r t w

J o n


This month’s contributors include:

Kate Smurthwaite is a comedian and political activist who has appeared on TV and radio shows from This Morning to Question Time. Her new solo comedy show ‘The News At Kate: Leftie Cock Womble’ opens at the Edinburgh Fringe on 2 August.

l u n e h

M u i d a

P h o t o g r a p h y i a

P e r u g

J o n a t h a n

This issue's cover illustration is the work of María María AchaKutscher, a Peruvian-Spanish feminist visual artist. Her art focuses on women's struggles for emancipa­tion and equality. She lives in Mexico City. acha-kutscher.com.

Hannah Pool is an Eritrean-born journalist and author who acted as Contributing Editor for this issue. She writes regularly for the national and international media. She also curates talks at Africa Utopia and Women of the World festival, Southbank Centre, and is chair of UK Feminista.

Lily Hyde is a British writer and journalist who has spent more than 10 years living and working in Ukraine and the Crimea. She is the author of Dream Land, a novel about the Crimean Tatars’ deportation and return to Crimea.

Help shape our future and a fairer world

Like you, I’m a passionate reader and supporter of New Internationalist, and have been for many years. I’m now on the ‘other side of the page’, writing this short message to you.

We’re in an exciting time of change at New Internationalist. We’re looking to our future and asking how we can continue to make waves, cover stories with an alternative edge, amplify the voices of marginalized people, expose global injustices and – with you! – help build a fairer, more equal world.

We only exist because of your support, and want you to help shape our future. We want to hear your opinions – what excites you about New Internationalist, what do you think we should focus on, do more or less of, or perhaps change altogether? What new stuff would you like to see? Tell us what pushes your buttons; we’d love to know! Email me at helen.wallis@newint.org Helen Wallis Engagement Manager, New Internationalist Fancy getting more involved? Become a Friend of NI (shop.newint.org/ukfriends)

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