No. 8

Editor: Anne Smith

Fortnightly 40tf

Bumper Issue: Literature and Politics

Mihir Bose: Who is Naipaul? Some Thoughts on English Fiction * Jonathan Webb: Too Bad About the NovelTom Wolfe's The Right Stuff * Charles Swann: Vonnegut's Jailbird - The Magical Power of Money * John Alvey: Moravia's Vita •

Efraim Sicher: The Art of


Bruno Schultz • Julian it f.-;,7- ,4_ Rathbone: ~e Po~try of f»f~o/ljjJi Everyday Ltfe • Ttppett • · , ··:~~, Warlock * Post-Impressionism ·'·,·~i~:,. *Polish Culture Now* The Philosophy Professors' Choice of Best Book in 1979

Literature and Politics in France in the Thirties (supplement) ... Angus Calder: Muddling Through - Propaganda in War ... George Camacho: Broadcasting, the Dilemmas ... Denise Levertov: The Story of an Anti-Nuclear Trial ... Michael Vannoy Adams: As the Fallout Flies