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4 From the editor

6 Ethicists steal a lot of books

9 Obituaries: Danto, Geach and Lowe

13 Philosophical career advice Benjamin Todd

19 Mediawatch

20 Remembering Nelson Mandela Ophelia Benson

22 Human-based computation Luciano Floridi

24 The straight dope on drug testing Wendy M Grossman

26 Can animals be moral? Mark Rowlands

33 Why I’m not an atheist Fiona Ellis

41 Making minds like ours Benjamin Nelson

46 Neuroscience and the end of responsibility

Manuel Vargas

54 Mockery as a political weapon Greg Littmann

60 Snapshot: Richard Rorty Ronald A Kuipers

64 David Chalmers interview James Garvey

72 Forum: church and state

112 Editors’ pick: Philosophical Writings Mesut Malik Yavuz

114 The art of giving Jean Kazez

116 Reviews

127 What the critics said Adam Ferner tpm 1ST QUARTER 2014