Live gloriously through art.

AUBURN LULL Begin Civil Twilight CD (Darla)

Imagine The Moody Blues produced by Eno, if Slowdive originally wrote and recorded Surrealistic Pillow, or perhaps SeeFeel on a good sedative/hypnotic.

ISOL/ ZYPCE Sima CD (Darla)

Sima (Abyss), debut of Isol & Zypce. An experimental field of both very simple and extremely complex songsfrom which monstrous, playful and seductive flowers blossom. Delicate machineries at a wild crossroads: the sweet voice of Isol (ex Entre Rííos) sails comfortably in a chopped sea of musical arrangement devised by her brother Zypce, an unpredictable composer and fine luthier of industrial instruments.

CARRIE 1981 CD (Static Discos)

Balancing lush and lo-fi sound aesthetics, Carrie’s folksy mannerisms go in between The Postal Service and The Radio Dept. universes, landing in an unique and minimal melodic pop. Produced by Rubéén Tamayo (Fax).

MAD EP Bass.hed CD (Ad Noiseam)

third full length album of this alternative hip-hop wizkid, with extra bass and raps by Shadowhuntaz, Puppetmastaz and MC Equivalant.

FAX Yo Recuerdo CD (Static Discos)

Yo Recuerdo is dreamier, closer to the sounds of Guthrie and Budd, but retaining the minimal electronic feel Fax is known for. mastered by Fernando Corona (Murcof) with guest vocals by Florencia Ruiz and Uriel Villalobos (Perdutto).

THURSTON MOORE Sensitive/Lethal CD (No Fun Productions)

Sensitive/Lethal is Thurston Moore in deep basement cosmosis.

DINO FELIPE No Fun Demo CD (No Fun Productions)

Dino stares at the ghost of his MTV dreams childhood years and comes out of it with the most beautiful record of well put together songs you'll hear this year. A lifetime of Pop Rock, Ballads, Psychedelia, No-Wave, Rock Noise.

MY MORNING JACKET The Tennessee Fire 2xLP/CD (Darla)

My Morning Jcket's debut album! (1999).

RAOUL SINIER Brain Kitchen CD (Ad Noiseam)

New full length album by this rising Paris-based musician, mixing cinematic electronica, hip hop rhythms and "warped vintage vinyl samples almost calling to mind Amon Tobin’s latter-day tainted soundscapes. " –CYCLIC DEFROST


Click'n'cuts made human, as glitch meets free jazz. "A relaxed and physical work, and an album its creators have every right to be thoroughly content with" –TOKAFI

VARIOUS Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young For Charity 2xCD (American Laundromat)

The critics agree!!! "a superb collection of Young's work", "this is the tribute album Neil Young has deserved for most of his long & prolific career", "an absolute must-have companion piece for fans of Young's catalog". Featuring Tanya Donelly, Britta Phillips, Lori McKenna, Jill Sobule, Kristin Hersh, Elk City, Watson Twins & more!

VARIOUS Auteur Labels: New Hormones CD (LTM)

Compilation of tracks recorded for Buzzcocks' pioneering Manchester post-punk label between 1977 and 1982, including Buzzcocks, Ludus, Diagram Brothers, Tiller Boys, Dislocation Dance, Eric Random, Biting Tongues and the Decorators. Booklet includes detailed liner notes and archive images. 17 remastered tracks.

HAMMOCK Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow CD (Darla)

11 new songs and original artwork by Riceboy Sleeps (Jonsi Birgisson of the Grammy-nominated Sigur Ros and Alex Somers of Parachutes). The studio recording of the original music written and played by Hammock for Riceboy Sleeps' debut US gallery exhibition.


My Morning Jacket's second album (2001).

VARIOUS Auteur Labels: Les Disques du Crepuscule CD (LTM)

Compilation of classic tracks released by the chic Brussels label between 1980 and 1985, including Michael Nyman, Tuxedomoon, Josef K, Antena, Marine, Paul Haig,Anna Domino, Ike Yard, Thick Pigeon and RichardJobson. Booklet includes detailed liner notes and archive images. 21 remastered tracks.

HIGH MOUNTAIN TEMPEL The Glass Bead Game CD (Lotus House Records)

The wind-bent branches of Torrey Pines, the falling cinders of canyon fires, the witch covens and guru love nests, the Buddha calm of the High Sierras, and the skin-cracking power of a Santa Ana wind. Inspired by Terry Riley, Lustmord, Philip K. Dick, and H.P. Lovecraft.

PONIES IN THE SURF See You Happy CD (Darla)

"These powerfully quiet traditionalists perform folk songs with a pan-American touch." –POPMATTERS "The duo plays stripped-down folkish type music that sounds like it could have been created at any point in the past 40 years yet still feels fresh." –ALMOST COOL.

VARIOUS Auteur Labels: Factory Benelux CD (LTM)

Compilation of tracks released by Factory's continental sister label between 1980 and 1985, including Durutti Column, Section 25, Minny Pops, The Names, Crispy Ambulance, Quando Quango, The Wake, Simon Topping, Stockholm Monsters and Life. Booklet includes detailed liner notes and archive images. 13 remastered tracks.

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