The Christmas Selection …

The Profligate Son Or, a True Story of Family Conflict, Fashionable Vice, and Financial Ruin in Regency England

“[A] terrific book ... told with style, flair and solid history.” The Washington Post

978-0-19-968753-4 | £20.00 | Oct 13

The Lost Domain Le Grand Meaulnes ‘The greatest novel of adolescence in European literature.’ John Fowles ‘Touching and wonderfully detailed, this portrait of French life in the 1890s will make readers feel not only that they know the time and place but that they are actually there’. Publisher’s Weekly 978-0-19-967868-6 | £12.99 | Oct 13

Poetry of the First World War An Anthology This new anthology provides a definitive record of the achievements of the Great War poets and offers a fresh assessment of the work, as we approach the centenary of the Great War’s outbreak. 978-0-19-958144-3 | £14.99 | Oct 13

William and Dorothy Wordsworth ‘All in each other’ ‘It is beautifully written and contains everything an enthusiast of either or both Wordsworths would wish to know about their lives and work...Would that it had been available to me when I first began to read Wordsworth.’ Literary Review 978-0-19-969639-0 | £19.99 | Sep 13

Moscow Tales

This collection of fifteen tales from Moscow represents each layer of Russia’s greatest city, from the centre of power to the outer rings of desolate estates and tumbledown shacks.

978-0-19-955989-3 | £10.99 | Oct 13

Walking Wounded The Life & Poetry of Vernon Scannell ‘Taylor’s excellent biography is as compelling as a novel.’ Independent on Sunday A fascinating literary biography containing new insights and poems that have not been published before. 978-0-19-960318-3 | £20.00 | Oct 13

The Natural History Of Selborne ‘It is beautifully produced… Just holding this book in my hands makes me think of long winter evenings spent reading in front of a fire crackling in the hearth.’

978-0-19-959196-1 | £14.99 | Sep 13

The Book A Global History

‘An extraordinary tour de force, a cornucopia of bookish information’ Sunday Telegraph From scriptoria to e-books, from Byzantium to Japan, from censorship to intellectual property. A magnificent, richly informed history of the book.

978-0-19-967941-6 | £35.00 | Oct 13

… from Oxford University Press