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CHRISTOPHER WO ODWARD Antiquaries : Th e Disco very of th e Pa st in Eight een th-Century Britai11 Ro se mar y Sw ee t PATRI C K O 'CONNO R Gi elg ud 's Lett ers (Ed) Ri c hard M a ngan PETER j ONES ON THE OLYMPI CS ALAN RAFFERTY The Mould in Dr Florey 's Coat: The R emarkable True Story of th e Penicilli11 Miracle Eric Lax MI CHAEL BYWATER 0: The I ntimate Hi s tory of th e Orgasm J onathan Margo l is WILLIAM P ALM ER Falling for [ca m s : A Jotrm ey among th e Cretans Rory MacLean MIR ANDA SEYMOUR A Little Hi story of British Gardening Jenny Uglow Tales of the R ose Tree : Rar;ishing Rhododendrons and th eir Trav els Aro und the World J a ne Brown SIM ON H EF FER Burk e's Pee rage, Baron etage , and Knig ht age (Ed) Charles Mo s l ey AL EXANDER WAU GH In D efence of Aristocra cy Peregrin e Worsthorn e

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DJ TAYLOR Light h otrsekeeping J ea n e t t e Winterson SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEA R E A Bit on th e Sid e William Trevor MI RANDA FRAN CE Y ou H ave to be Careful in the Land of th e Free Jam es Kelm a n TRISTAN QUINN Dining on Ston es or, Th e Middl e Gro und l a in Sinclair M ADELE INE MIN SON Th e Lin e of Bea uty Al a n Hollin g hurs t FRAN C IS KIN G Mansfie/d C K S t ead MA RTYN B EDFORD Port Mungo P a tri c k McGra th DAVID jAY S Th e Book of Proper Names Am e l i e Nothomb AMANDA CRA IG Good C lean Fun Michae l Arditti ) OANNA HINE S ON HI STOR ICA L NOVELS

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C HRI STO PHEil. W OODWARD i s Director of th e Holbume Museum o f Art , Bath , and auth or of br Ruins (Vintage). H e is curre ntl y working o n a st ud y of Briti sh admjre r s of Napo leo n to be publi s hed b y C hatto in 2005.

R ONALD M UTEBI is th e 36th Kabaka (Kin g) of Bugand a, the la rge st of U ga nda 's ancie nt four kingdoms, comprising e ight million subj ects. His Maj esty is currently researchin g a famil y memoir about his father King Freddie, w ho was overthrown by President Milton Obote in 1966 and died in exile in Shoreditch in mysterious circwnstances.

MIRANDA SEYMOUR's most rece nt book, Tlt e B11gatli Q11ee11: /11 Search of n Motor-Raci11g Le<~e ud , is published by Simon & Schuste r.

NIGEL ] ONES's Hitler's Heralds is reissued thi s month in pap e rba c k by Co n s t ab l e / Robin so n as A Bri ef History of the Birtlt of 1/te Nazis.

C HANDAK SENGOOPTA is Senior Le c ture r in History of M edicine at Birkbcck College, University of London.

jUSTIN MARozzr has bee n resea rch ing a hi story of Tamerlane for seve ral years . Tanrerlane: Sword of Islam, Couqueror of tlt e World wi ll be publish ed by HarperCo llins in Au gust.

CAROLE SEYMOUR-j ONES's la s t book , Pniut ed Shadow: T lt e Life of Vi1>ie rme Elio1 , first wife of T S Eliot, is publi shed by Constable.

PETER ] ONES has revised E V fu e u's 1950 translatio n o f H o m e r's Iliad for P e nguin a nd is th e found e r o f Fri e nds of C lassics .

DAV ID N OKES's Frankwstein, Birr/t of n A4o11Ster was shown on BBC 1 last December.

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