MAY 2004

THE MIGHTY UNCLE SAM Michael Burleigh examines American Muscle

R o b e r t Nye mou r n s Ch r i s t o p h e r Marlowe Carole Seymour-Jones admires Lucia Joyce The l oa t h s ome Isherwood * T h e lovely Hart-Davis

Max E g r emon t i n t h e Trenches A l l a n Ma s s i e i n I n d o - C h i n a

George Washington's Slaves * General Franco's Successor

R om a n t i c Ant i qua r i e s * Ancient Olympians

Who a r e t h e Falun Gong? Why d o we have Orgasms?

TION: William Trevor, Jeanette Winterson, James Kelman, Alan Hollinghurst