THIS MONTH'S PULPIT is written b y Kathry n Hu g h es . Her George Eliot: Th e Last Victoriau (Fourth Estate) won th e j am es Tait Black prize for biograph y. She is curre ntly wo rkin g o n a book about Mrs B eeto n.

MI CHA EL B URLE IGH is wr i t in g a two- vo lum e hi s tory of politi cs a nd r e li g i on s in ce th e French Revolution , w hic h will be publish ed b y Harpe rCoUin s.

VALERIE GROVE's Dear Dodie: Th e Life of Dodie Smith is ava i labl e in pap e rback from Piml.i co. H e r Lo11rie L ee: Th e Well- Lo11e d S trauger is availabl e in paperba ck from Pe nguin.

DIANA ATHILL is th e auth or of Ste t and Yes terda)' Momi11g: A Very Euglish Childhood, both published by Granta.

H AZHIR TEIMOUR IAN g r ew up in Kurdi sh wes t e rn Iran and ca m e t o London for hi s hi gher studi es in 1959.

R ICHAI1..D 0VEI1.. Y is Professo r of Modern Hi story a t King's College, Lond o n . H is new book , Th e Dictators, a co mpari so n b etween th e Hitl e r a nd Stalin dictatorsh ip, wi ll b e publish e d in Jun e by AUen Lane .

CAROLE A NG lER is th e a uthor of ] eau Rhys and , most r ece ntl y, Th e Do11ble Bo11d, Primo Levi: A Biography (Penguin).

0AVID CESAI1..AN I's stud y of Adolf Eichmann w i l l b e publi s h ed b y H e in cm ann in Au gust.

j ONATHAN KEATES is a biographer of Stendhal. H e has just finished a tudy of th e Vcneti an revolution of 1848.

ALL AN M ASS IE is th e aut h or of nin e tee n nove ls, the n1ost rece nt of w hi c h , Ca lig ula , i s availab l e from Sceptre.








4FRAN CIS KING John Fow/ es : A Life in Two Worlds Ei l een W a rburton JE SSICA M ANN Frances H odgson. Bumett Gretchen H Gerzina 7 D ONALD R AYF IELD Mo sco w M emoirs Emma G e rst e in 9 J W M THOMPSON In S ea rch of a Beg inning : My Life with Grahan1 Green e Y vonne C loetta 11 CAROL£ AN GlER A Chance M ee ting: Intertw in ed Li11es of

America n Writ ers and Artists, 1854-1967 Ra c h e l Co h e n

13 RI CHARD OVER Y in sid e Hitl er's Bunk er: Th e La s t Days of th e Third Reich Jo ac him Fest 14 NI GEL ) ONES Edward VII and the Ent ent e Cordiale !an

Dun l op 16 ALAN P ALMER 1812: Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow

Adam Zamoyski Th e Age of Napo leo n Ali stair Home 18 MI CHAEL BURLEIGH The An.atorny of Fa sc ism Rob e rt

Pa x ton 20 ALLAN MASS !£ The First Crusade: A New Hi story

Thomas Asbridg e Th e Fourth Crusade and th e Sa ck of Co nstan tinopl e Jon at b an Phillip s 21 GRAHAM STEWART What Might H ave Bee n: L eading

Hi s torian s 011 Twelve What Ifs of Hi s tory (Ed) Andrew Rob e rts








R UPERT CHRISTIANSEN Bill BraNdt: A Life P a ul De l any Beh ind th e Ca mera: Bill Brandt JONATHA N KEATES Euge n.i e: Th e Empress and H er Empire De smond Seward SIMON H EFFER Shostakovich and Stalin: Th e Extraordinary R elation ship Betwee n the Great Composer and the Brutal Dictator Solomon Vo lk ov CHARLIE CAMPBELL The R eader of Gentlemen's Mail: H erbert 0 Yardley and the Birth of American Codebreak ing David Kahn GEORD IE GREI G Chris tin a, Q1uen of Swe den: Th e R es tl ess Life of a European Eccentric Veroni ca Bu c kley ANDREW LY CETT A Venet ian Affair: A Tru e Story of Im possib le Love in th e Eig hteen th Century Andrea di Robilant CHR. ISTA BEL KI NG Tl te Stol en Woman: Florwce Baker's Extraord inary Life from th e H arem to t l1 e H eart of Africa Pat Shipman


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