THI S MONTH'S PUL PIT is written by 0 J Taylor, a novelist and biographer, and a judge for thi s yea r 's Booker Prize. His biography of Thackeray was pub li shed in 1999 and his centenary life of George Orwell was published earlier tlli s year by C hatto & Windus.

CAROLE ANGLER is the autl10r of j ean Rhys and , most recently, Tit e Double Bond, Primo L.evi: A Biography (Penguin).

DANIEL j OHNSON is Associate Editor of th e Daily Telegraph. H e is writi ng a history of Gennan thought .

j ONAT HAN Mlll..SKY was named 'lntemation al Reporter of the Year' at th e Briti sh Press Awa rds in 1989, and was Ea s t Asia e ditor of The Tim es from 1993 to 1998.

RuP ERT CH il.. ISTIAN SEN is the author of Th e Visitors and Pari s Baby/on , both publi shed by Pimlico. He is opera c riti c and arts colunulist for the Daily Telegraph.

0AMIA N THOMPSON h as rece ntl y fini shed a stud y on th e so ciology of apocal ypti c belief.

A ND REW T AYLO R's b io grap h y of M ercato r will be published in June .

AMANDA CRAIG's fifth novel, L<we in IdleHess, is published by Littl e, Brown.

GRAHAM H UTC HI NGS, China Correspondent of th e Daily Telegraph from 1987 to 1998 , is th e author of Modern C hin a: A Co111panion to a Rising Power (Penguin ).

CHANDAK SENGOO PTA, formerl y a psyc hi a tri s t , is Sen ior Lec ture r in Hi s tor y at B irkb ec k Co ll ege, Uni ve rsity of London . H e is the auth or of i111 print of th e Raj: How Fingerprinting was Bom in Colonial In dia (MacmiUan).







4 MI CHAEL BURLEIGH Margaret Thatcher: Volume Two -

Th e Iron Lady John Campb e ll 6 GRAHAM HUT C HINGS G enerali ss imo: Chiang Kai- shek and the China H e Lost Jonath an Fenby 8 FRANK M CLYNN Robert El'l'unet: The Making of a L egend

Marianne Elliott 10 DAMIAN THOMPSON Saint There se of Lisieux K at hryn

Harrison 11 RUPERT CHRI STIAN SEN Wi!Liam and Lu cy : Th e Oth er

R ossettis Angela Thirlwell 12 CAROLĀ£ AN GlER Landscapes of Memory: A H olo caust

Girlhood R ememb ered Ruth K lu ger

14 DANIEL J OHNSON The Coming of the Third R e1:ch

Richard J Evans 16 SIMON HEFFER 'A Problem from H ell ': America and the

Age of Genocide Samantha Power 18 PAUL jOH NSON Riv ers of Co ld: Th e Rise of the Spanish

Empire Hugh Thomas 19 ANDREW TAYLOR By Permi ss ion of H eaven : Th e Story of th e Grea t Fire of L ondon Adri a n Tinniswood 20 ALAN RA FFER TY Rub icon Tom Holl and

22 M ART IN BOOTH Dylan Thoma s: A New Life Andrew

Lycett 24 j EREMY LEWIS Rob ert Byron: A Biog raphy James Knox 25 PETER STRAUS Mortification: Writ ers ' Stories of Th eir

Public Shame (Ed) Robin Robertson

27 JuSTIN MAR OZZI The Gates of Africa: D eat h, Disco very and the Searchfor Timbuktu Anthony Sattin 28 HA ZHIR TEIMOURIAN The N ew Great Came: Blood and

Oil in Central Asia Lutz Kl eve m a n 29 FRANC IS KI NG Th e Pyramid Builder Chris t in e El M a hdy

Pyramids Jo yce Tyldersl ey 31 TIM HEALD Th e Birth of Sydn ey: Th e Story of Britain 's

Arrival in th e Antipodes (Ed) T im Flannery 32 STEVE KI NG A Book of L ands and Peopl es (Ed) Eric


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