THISMONTH'S PULPIT is written by Kathryn Hughes. Her biography of George Eliot won the James Tait Black Prize in 1998. She is currently writing a book about Mrs Beeton.

LEWISWOLPERTis Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine at University College, London.

CAROLESEYMOUR-JONES'SPainted Shadow: A Life o f Vivienne Eliot is published by Constable.

SIMONSEBAGMONTEFIOREis the author of l'rinceofl'rinces:The Lifeo f Potemkin, which was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize. H e is currently researching his new book, Stalin and His Inner Circle.

WILLIAMPALMERis the author of a collection of short stories and four novels, including The Pardon o f Saint Anne (Jonathan Cape).

ANDREWLYCETT'SKipling is available in paperback from Phoenix.

SHERIDANMORLEY'SSpectator at the Theatre has just been published by Oberon; his authorised biography of John Gielgud is available in paperback.

ROBERTk m ' s most recent books are Night and Horses and the Desert: The Penguin Anthology o f Classical Arabic Literatua and the novel Satan Wantr Me.

FUCHARDGRAYis writing a h t o x y of American literature for Blackwell that seems potentially endless. He is a Fellow of the British Academy.

MICHAELDE-LA-NOYhas written biographies of Elgar, Denton Welch and Edward Sackville-West, and histories of the Church of England and his own alma mater, Bedford School. His Queen Victoria at Home is due out from Constable in the autumn.







4 RAYMONDCARRDoves of W a r : Four W o m e n of S p a i n

Paul Preston 5 LEWISWOLPERTRosalind Franklin: T h e Dark L a d y of

D N A Brenda Maddox 7 ISABELHILTONLetters to Henrietta Isabella Bird 8 ALISTAIRHORNEPast Forgetting: A Memoir of Heroes,

Ad v e n t u r e and Love Veronica Maclean 10 ANNKENNEDYSilvertown: A n Ea s t E n d Fami l y Mernoir

Melanie McGrath

12 FREDERICRAPHAELNietzsche: A Philosophical Biography

Riidiger Safranski Zarathustra's Secret: T h e Interior L i f e of Friedrich N i e t z s c h e Joachim Kohler 14 ANDREWLYCETTT h e Architect and h i s W i f e : A L i f e of

E d w i n L u t y e n s J a n e R i d l e y 15 MICHAELDE-LA-NOYBlack T o m : Arnold of R u g b y -

T h e M y t h and t he M a n Terence Copley 16 THOMASHODGKINSONGale Force 1 0 : T h e L i f e and

Legacy of A d m i r a l Beaufort Nicholas Cou r t n e y

18 ALEXANDERWAUGHQueen and C o u n t r y William ,


. -

19 SIMONSEBAGMONTEFIOREPeter t he Gr e a t : A Hiography

Lindsey Hughes 20 PATRICKFRENCHBlood Against the Snows: T h e Tragic Story of Nepal's Royal Dynasty Jonathan Gregson

22 PETERWASHINGTONOrwell's Victory Christopher Hitchens 23 FRANCESSPALDINGRosamond Lehmann: A L$e Selina Hastings 25 R I CHARDGRAYHerman Melvil l e : A Biography -

V o l u m e 2 , 1 8 5 1 - 1 8 9 1 Hershel Parker 27 PAULJOHNSONThe LPtters of Charles Dickens, Volume 12, 1868-

1 9 7 0 (Ed) Graham Storey Charles Dickens Jane Smiley 28 SEBASTIANSHAKESPEAREAfte r Na t u r e W G Sebald

30 ROBERTIRWINT h e H u n t f o r Z e r z u r a : T h e Lost Oas i s and t he Desert W a r Saul Kelly 31 S IMONHEFFERPatriots: Na t i o n a l I dent i t y i n Br i t a i n

1 9 4 0 - 2 0 0 0 Richard Weight 34 JONATHANMIRSKYWagons Wes t Frank McLynn ' ;

35 ANDREWTAYLORMeasuring America: H o w the Nation was

Shaped b y the Greatest Land Sale i n History Andro Linklater




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