MARCH 2002




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THOMAS H ODGK INSON A Season with Verona: Travels Arou11d I taly in Search of Ill usion, Nationa l Character and Coal s Tim Parks AAMER HuSSEIN T hree J o~~rn e ys i11 th e Levant Shusha Guppy

A C GRAYL ING Cod A l exander Waugh M IC HAEL WATERHOUSE Will th e Circle be U11broken? R ej lectio11s on Dea th and Dig nity Studs Terke l CHRI STOPHER BRAY A Short Treatise on t lt e Great Virtues A n dre Co mt e - Spo n v i l l e












CAR.OLINE MOOREHEAD Th e Key to My Neighbour's H ouse: S ee king ]u sti ce ill Bosnia and Rwa11da E l izabeth Ne u ffer R o Y P o rt TER. Sat;age Girls and Wi ld Boys: A H istory of Feral Children Mic h ae l N ew t on BR.ENDA MADDOX T he Con 11non Thread: A Story of Science, Politics, Ethics aNd the Human Ceuome J ohn Su lston and Georgi n a Ferry j ESS ICA M ANN The Wreck at Sharpnose Poi11t : A Victorian M ystery J e r emy Seal WILLIAM PACKER. Interviews with American Artists David Sylvester

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J O HN DUGDALE Com ing Soon!!! J ohn B a rth SARAH A SM IT H Be My K11ije David Grp ss man ANDREW B ISWELL RumottrS of a H urri ca11 e T i m Lo t t LI SA ALLAR.DI CE The D ea dly Space Betu;een Patric ia D un c k er MuRR.OUG H O'B R IEN Th e Cra11d Complication Allen K urzwei l SEBA ST IAN SHAKESPEARE Exltibitioni sm Toby Litt CHR I T O PHER H ART T h e Courag e Consort Mi c h e l Fabe r J ANE CHAR TER IS W h y D o11 't You Stop T alking J ack i e Kay AMANDA CRA IG Fingers mith Sara h Waters ANN BARR Codchil drw Ni c ho l a Coler i dge Lu cY BER ES FORD Coa stlin ers J oanne H arr i s S CAR LETT THOMA S 0 FIRST NOVELS

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CARO LI NE M OO IU HEAD is working on a li fe of Martha Gellhorn.

R. ov PO I{TER is P rofessor of th e Social History of M ed ic in e a t th e W e ll com e Institute, Londo n.

R. OBERT BLAKE ha s written many wo rk s of political hi sto ry , am o ng them a life of Disraeli and a hi story of th e Co n se r va ti ve Party from R.obert Peel to J ohn Major.

H AZ HIR T EIMOU Rt AN writes o n Middle Eastern po)jti cs and history. H e i s th e former Middl e Eas t Specialist of The TitHes .

A DREW R.OUERTS ca n be admired o n hi s website: www.a nd r

ANNA R_E ID 's The Shat11a11's Coar : A Nat ive Histor y of Siberia will b e publi s h e d b y W e id e nfe ld & Nico lso n nex t month .

J OHN CLAY's Ma co 11 oc hi e's Experimem, about convi cts and transp o rta t ion , is availab le from J o hn Murra y. He run s a Jung ian brid ge c ircl e at a lo uche Soho club every Tuesday eve nin g.

D ONALD CAMERON WATT i s Professo r Emerit us of Internationa l H isto ry in t h e Lo ndo n Sc hoo l of Economics and a Fe llow of t h e British Academy .

Muruuv AYLE is a wri ter.

C HARLES GIBSON whiles away the afte rn oo n s in th e vast Baroque libra ry of hi s seve nteent h-ce ntury Oratory in Naples.

MI CHAEL W ATERHOUSE's S tayi11g Close: A Positive Approach to Dyillg a11d Bereallemellt wi ll be publi shed by Constable in August .

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