41 KATHRYN H UGHES Th e Co 111 p lete S l10rt St ori es Muri e l S park 42 FRAN IS K IN G Coll ecte d Stor ies Sau l Bellow 43 ELA IN E SH O WALTER H at es l1ip , Friendship, Cour tship,

LoiJes hip , Marriage Alice Munro 44 M ARTYN B EDFORD A Mu l t i tud e of Sin s Richard F ord

45 BRIAN SEWELL Sacred Monsters, Sacred Mast ers J olm Ri c hardson 46 H uco VI C KER S R eporting Royalty J e nni e Bond 48 GEORGE WALDE N Perso11al T er111 s Frederi c Raphael 49 CHRI ST O PHER SYLVESTER Fri e11d s, Vot ers, Cou11try111 e11:

J ottil"lgs on th e St~11np Boris J o hn son 50 SAM LEITH H ow to Lose Frimds a11d A limate People Toby Young

52 ALEXANDER WAUGH Christ: A Crisis in th e Life qf Cod Ja ck Miles 53 DENNI S EWELL 8reaki11g Fait/1 J ohn ornw e ll Cat /10/ic

Li 11es Gr e g Watts

55 BEVI S HI LLIER Critica l Ti1·1'1es : The H istory of th e Ti111 es

Lit erary uppl e111 ent D e rwent May 58 SEBA STIAN SHAKE SPEARE Th e Co l/ ec ti o11 Peter Ackroyd 59 LE SLEY CHAMBERLAIN Story of a Friend ship: Th e L ett ers of Dmitry S hostakovich to l saak C li kman


DJ TAYL O R Wro te for L uck

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AID AN H AR TLEY The Fever Trail Mark H onigsbaum J o AT HAN MIR.SKY Kimono: Fa shio11ing Cu lture Liza Dalb y J O HN DuGDALE Dad's Army Gra h a m McCann Dad 's Army: Th e Co111plete Scripts of Series 1-4 Jimmy Perry and David Croft JE SS IC A MANN i f Th e Spirit Mo ves Y ou Ju st in e Picardie

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S ARAH A SM ITH All Soul's Day Cees N ooteboom CI-IRI STOPHER H ART Th e Strange C ase of Mad e1noise l/ e P Brian O'Doh er t y CHAR.LE S THOMA S Th e Cairo Tri log y Naguib M a hfo u z CHRI ST O I'HER BRAY A Fu 1111 y Old Y ear Alan Brownjohn C ARRI E O 'GRADY Distant Mu sic Le e Langl ey MARCELLA ED WA RD S 0 Fll"tS T N O VELS MI C HA EL THORN ON CHILDRE N 'S B OO KS

74 76 77 67 78 21 51


R.AYMOND SE ITZ was U S ambassad o r to t he Court o f St Jam es 199 1- 1994.

FI ELD M ARSHAL LORD CARVER's lates t book, -n,e l111perial War M11se11111 Book ~( War i11ilaly: 1943-"1945, was published in September by Sidgwick & J ackson.

T EiliSA W AUGH has recentl y translated Anka Miihlstein 's A Taste for Freedo111: Th e Life of As tolphe de C 11 sti11 e (Duckworth)

P AU L J O HN ON i s th e a uth o r o f A His1ory c>f th e A 111erica 11 People. STEPH EN AMIDON's Th e New C i1y is availabl e in paperback from Black Swan.

G EORD IE G REIG, fo rmerl y Lite rary Editor o f th e S1111day Ti111 es , publi shed T ed H ugh es's las t poems be fo re th e Poe t Laurea te's dea th in 1998.

ELAINE SHOWALTER is Pro fesso r o f En g li s h a t Prin ce t o n . H e r m ost r ece nt b oo k , ill llf llli11g Herse !f: C /ai 111 i 11g a Fe111i11 is t l nt ell er lnal Heri1age, is publi she d b y Pi cad o r.

BRIAN SEWELL is t he art c1it.i c of the E11e11ii(R Standard. He has a passio n fo r endangered wildlife and a compassio n fo r world farmin g, but thi s do es n o t mean he is a vegetarian Q1e even e r"!i oys a good ph easa nt. now and the n).

0 ALD CAMERON W ATT is Pro fessor Emerinrs of Intem ari o nal History in the Lo ndon Sch o ol o f Eco nomi cs and a Fell ow o f th e British Academy.

KATHRYN H UG HES is still w ririn g a bi ograph y o f Mrs Beeton . Sh e ha s ye t t o m as t e r 'fri cassee d ca lf s fee t ' and wo uld be grate ful fo r a ny hints .

D ENN IS SEWELL's Cm/w/ics: Brilain 's Largest Alinorit y is published by Viking.

PAMELA N ORRIS is w ritin g a history of ro m antic love. C HI1. 1S H EAT H is a prefec t in t h e Lowe r Fifth a t St Ursul a's Co ll ege , C h i pp e nh a m . A s we ll as b e in g ca pta in o f th e sc hool sn ooke r tea m , h e is stu d y i n g Esp e ranto a nd bi oc h emistry at A- level, a nd has se t hi s sig hts o n a li fe t im e sin ec ure w i thin th e o ffi ces o f th e European Uni o n .

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