LiterarySEPTEMBER2000 Review£3.00S7.00


The Passions of Henry Green * The Secrets of Marguerite Duras

The Private Life of Chaucer * The Ecstasy of St Teresa The Kiss of Manuel Puig *'The Hell of Groucho Marx Queen Elizabeth's Poetry * Kaiser William's Wardrobe

Max Egremont watches Kitchener Sink Norman Stone o n how Empires Rise Niall Ferguson examines t he Mystery o f Capitalism

Should Grayling be Bound and Gagged?

How Cool Are You?

Mirsky in China * Wheeler in Mongolia * Gott in Zaire


J G Ballard, Margaret Atwood, John Banville, Muriel Spark, Joseph Heller, Jeanette Wmterson, Gore Vidal, Lawrence Norfolk, Fay Weldon, Robert Edric,Jane Gardam, Jay Mcbemey