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37 ALLAN MASS I£ Th e Light/10use St er1ensolls Be ll a Bathurst 38 MARY KEEN Ti re Orchid Thiif: A Tru e Story of Beauty and

Obsessio11 Susan Orlean 39 PATRI CK 0 ' ONNOR C/yndebour11 e: A11 Operatic Miracle

) oh11 j oll!ffe 40 DuN AN M c LAREN Farewell to an Idea : Episodes fro/11 a History of Modemism T JC lark 41 R o wAN PELLING R eal Sex Grub Smith

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J OHN BIFFEN Nor Sha ll My Sword Simon Heffer C OLJN BAILLIEU More Adventures with Brita1111ia: Perso11alities, Politics a11d C ulture in Britain (Ed) W M Roger Louis ALEXANDER CHANCELLOR T o Co~tve y lntellige11ce : Th e Spectator 1928-1998 Simon Courtauld





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WILLIAM WALDEGRAVE Ca esar: Th e Life Story of a Panda Leopard, and Hussei11: An Entertai 11111 ent Patri ck O 'Brian

T OM H ODGKI NSON Tir e Oxf ord Book of Work (Ed) Keith Thomas PATRICK M oOR£ Th e Cia11t Leap: Mankind H eads for the Stars Adrian Berry DAVID MI LNER Tir e Pearly Gates ofCyberspace: A History of Space jro 111 Da11te to th e In temet M argaret Wertheim

SEBASTIAN HAKESPEARE l 11k John Preston DJTAYLOR Underground Tobias Hill SuE GA ISFOR.D A Foreig 11 Country Francine Stock EDWINA CURH.IE Foreig n Brides Elena Lappin ALEX CLAR.K Fntit of tir e Le1110II And rea Levy SIMON LOUV ISH Unreal City Tony H anani a SUSAN CROSLAND A lm ost H eavet1 Matianne Wiggin s Fl ONA PlTT-KETHLEY Satan Wants Me Rob e rt lrwin PHI LIP 0AKES Blue Light Walter M osl ey




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R OBIN BLAC KB URN is Edi to r o f Nerv Left Review and auth o r o f Th e Maki11g cif New Wo rld Sla very: Fro 111 Baroq11 e to th e Modem 14 92-1 800 and Th e 0 11e rth ro w of Co lo11i al Sl ave ry , 1776-1 8 4 8, b o th pub]jshed by Verso.

AL AST AI R N IVEN is H ea d o f Lite rature fo r th e British Council. He has twi ce been a Booker Jud ge.

ST EPH EN AMIDON has just fini shed hi s la te st nov e l , The New City , whi c h w ill b e published b y D o ubl ed ay in February , thou g h h e is infinite ly prouder of th e rece nt arri val of his twin dau ghters , Aurora and C eleste .

MARY KEEN, the ga rde n d esign e r responsibl e fo r Glyndeboum e , and professio nal consul tant o n large ga rd e ns, is th e a uth o r o f Crea ti11g a C ardw, publi sh ed b y Co nr a n O cto pus, who have also brought o ut her ea rli er work, Decorate yo11r Carde11, with enom10us success in paperbac k.

SI MON H EFFE R is th e a uth o r o f Po111er a11d Pl ace : Th e Polit ica l Co11seqllellces cif Ki1 1g Edward VII, Like a Roma11: Th e Life of Etwch Powe/1 and Nor Shall My Sword, all publish ed by W e id e nfe ld & Ni colso n sin ce August. H e is tty in g not to w rite any mo re bo oks for th e moment, but we are told he is about to start a short biography ofVaughan Williams.

SEBASTI AN SHAKESPEARE is Editor o f th e Eve11i11g Stm1dard Londoner's Diary and Literary Editor of Tat/er, and manages to combine both ro les .

RI HARD G RAY is Pro fesso r o f Lit e r a tur e a t th e Uni ve rs i t y o f Sussex, and Edito r of th e ) o11mal of A meri ca 11 t11di es (Ca mbrid ge Uni vers ity Press).

SUSAN C ROSLAND is just finishin g a no ve l abo ut trapeze artists.

CL AU DIA P UG H- TH OMAS rs a trap eze arti st .

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