38 SARA WH EELER Barrow's Boys Fergus Fleming 39 DAVID N OKES Casanova Andrew Mille r , CasanolJa, or the Art of

H app in ess Lydia Flem 40 R OWAN PELLING Sex tl1e Measure of A ll Things: A Biography of

Alfred C Kinsey Jonath an Gathorne-Hardy, The Hite Report on Shere Hite: My Life, Sex and Politics Shere Hite 41 TIM ASHLEY Piaf A Passio nate Life David Bret 42 RONALD PAYNE ]ackal: The Secret Wars of Car/os the jackal

John Follain 44 R OBERT LLOYD PARRY Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen

Joyce Tyldesley, Egypt Vivian Davies and Renee Friedman

J OHN BAYLEY's account of hi s marriage to Iri s Murdo c h , Iri s (Duckwort h £16.95), h as been d esc ribed by C laudi a FitzHerbert in the Daily Telegra ph as 'quite simpl y, one of th e most moving and therefore gtipping love letters ever w ritten'.

J ASON COWLEY is Literary Editor of the Ne111 Slalestllflll. H e writes for Tlt e Times and Prospecl.

ELAIN E SHOWALTEll.. is Professo r of Engli sh at Prin ceton Universiry.






45 MARGARET FORSTER Anot/1er World Pat Barker 46 FAY WELDON The Ice People M aggie Gee 46 ANNE CHISHOLM East li1to Upper East : Plain Tales from New

York and New Delhi Ruth Prawer Jhabvala 48 PHILIP OAKES False Pretences Lee Langley 48 ANGELA NEUSTATTER Two Moons j ennife r johnsto n

49 SARAH A SMITH Daughter of the River Hong Ying "50 DAVID CHIPP The Fat Bulldog Roa111s Again George Courtauld

51 jASON COWLEY H eavy Water and Other Stories Martin Amis 52 NIKOLA I TOLSTOY Archangel Robert Harris 53 TIM HEALD The Sound of Trumpets John Mortimer 54 DAVID MILNER Men in Rage Paul Sayer 54 CONRAD BLACK 51st State Peter Preston 55 ANDREW BISWELL Island Madness Tim Binding 56 KIM THOMAS J es us ar·rd tl1 e Ad1na11 Rhidian Brook 56 J OHN ELLIOTT Day One Hugo Barnacle








47 61 62

J UST IN CARTWRIGI-IT 's Leadi11,~ tfte Cheers (Sceptre £ 16. 99) was reviewed last m onth.

J ULIAN BARNES's equally brilliant new novel, E11gla11d, Ett~la11d, also came ollt last month Qonathan Cape £ 15.99).

PATRICK FRENCH is the wi tm er of the 1998 Sunday Times Young Writer of the Y ea r Award. Hi s most recent book is a study of th e Partition of India , Uberty or Death: 111dia'sj o11mey to l11depe11dellce and Divisio11 .

CONRAD BLACK thinks it might be a good idea for the United Kingdom to join the North American Free Trade Area.

FARRUKH DHONDY h as just adapted V S Naipaul's A Ho11se for Mr Bis111as for television. H e is at prese nt wo rkin g on a biography ofC L Rjames.

J OII N LLOYD's A11alomy of R11 ss in: Rebirth ofa Natio11 (MichaeiJoscph) was give n a glowing review by Orlando Figcs in these pages last January.

LEONEE 0RMOND is Professo r of Victorian Studi es at King's Coll ege, London.

JESS JCA MANN's new crime novel, Tlt e S11rvivor's Reve11se. is published b y Constable at £ 16.99 this month .

RONALD PAYNE wrote one of the first books on Ca rl os th e J acka l, "nte Car/os Co mplex, in 1977. H e is also auth or of the classic book on terrorism War Wit/tout E11d (Harrap, 1986).

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