'she bribed a butcher with her kisses to vote Whig'

Antonia Fraser remembers Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire

Karen Armstrong on the Mystery of Pope Joan Kathryn Hughes on the Gentleman's Daughter V S NAIPAUL'S NEW MASTERPIECE

Pryce-Jones is Converted

Piers Paul Read discovers the Grail * Andrew Roberts revisits Stalingrad

Trevor McDonald boards the Windrush

Klemperer Diaries



Taylor-Martin on the VANITY of Osbert Sitwell A N Wilson on the UNIMPORTANCE of Karl Miller Sheridan Morley on the MORALS of Charlie Chaplin

Bevis Hillier on the BEAUTIFUL & THE GOOD

FICTION: Bainbridge, Melville, Kureishi, Murakami, Matthiessen, Wilson, Nye

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