AI SLING FOSTER's novel , Safe in the Kit chen is avai l ab l e in paperbac k from Penguin. She is c urrently working on a nother one about the obsess ion with owning land in Ireland.

ANN ABEL FREYBERG works on the obituary p age of th e Independent.

HARRY RITCHI£ is the former Literary Editor of Th e Sunday Tim es . He i s c urr e ntl y compiling short stor i es for 'Scottish Soho Square', to b e publi shed by Bloo msbury later thi s yea r. A travel book is al so in the works.

MAR.T IN G ILBERT 's book J eru salem in th e Tw enti et h Century is to be publi sh ed ea rl y thi s year by C hatto & Windus.

CHR.JS PALI NG is a produ ce r on Radio 4. His highly prai sed first novel, After the Raid, is availab le in paperbac k from Vintage. A new one, Desca rtes, is du e to be published by Cape is April.

J ULIA B LACKBURN is th e author of Daisy Bat es in the Desert and The Book of Colo1-1r.

M AR Y KE NNY , whose forthright co lumn s co ntinue to embellish the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Tel eg raph , the Daily Mail a nd various Iri sh new s p a p e r s , i s puttin g th e finishing tou c h es to what m ay prove to be h e r magnum o pus, a study of the decline and d ea th of Catholic Ir e la nd. SinclairSteve nson is th e publisher.










4 ANTONIA FRASER Dear Dodie: Th e Life of Dodie Smith Valerie

Grove 5 D AV ID Cl-! IPP Th e King W1w Never Was: Th e S tory of Frederick,

Prin ce cf Wa les Micha el D e-la-Noy 6 M ARTIN WALKER A Good Life: N ewspapering and Other

Adventures Ben Bradlee 8 J OHN SWEENEY D ecla ration s cf In dependwce: War Zones and

W1uelchairs John Hockenberry 10 N ORMAN M oss Man of the People: A Life of Harry S Truman

Alonzo L Hamby 11 T AB ITHA SP ENCER R ebecca West: A Saga cf th e Century Cad


13 HARRY RI TC HI E No Passion Spent: Essays 1978-1995, The

Deeps cf th e Sea George Stein e r 14 ROGER CALDWELL The Breaking of Style Helen V e ndler 16 SEAN H ALDAN£ Prim o Levi: Bridges cf Knowledge Mirna Cicioni 17 A D R EID Movies and Mass Culture (Ed) John Bel ton

18 CHRIS PALING Novel Without A Nanu Duong Thu Huong 19 JULIA BLACKBURN All Souls' Ris ir~g M adison Smartt Bell 20 ALI CE FI SHER Mr Ives' Christmas O scar Hiju e los

21 AMANDA CRAJ G Th e Love Letter Cathleen Schine 22 MARY KENNY The Shrine Mary Kenny 23 D EBOR.A H B OSLEY English Settlenwrt DJ Taylor


25 T ERESA W AUG H Cross Charmel Julian Barnes 26 MAGG I£ GEE Last Orders Graham Swift 28 SUSAN ELKIN Th e First Mrs Wordstvorth Mi c hael B aldwin 29 D OM INI C BR.ADBURY Revenance Tere n ce Blac ker 30 j EAN -MARC LAMONTAGNE Interesting Facts Abouf th e State cf

Arizona Jeremy Poolman 31 NI CK DANIEL Rasero Franc isc o Reboll edo 32 DAVID M c LAURIN Panama Eric Zen cey 32 jACQU I LOFT HOUS£ Coconuts for the Saints Debra Spark 33 SAM D UTTON Flight cf the Black Swans Laura Fish 34 TATIANA HARRISON A Stranger;,~ the World Kevin Canry

35 MARTIN GILBERT J erusalem: Th e Endless Crusade Andrew



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