34 ] IM HOLT 35 CHARLES McCoRQUODALEAllan Ramsay Alastair Smart 36 J ULIAN WATSON Classical Architecture: An Introduction to Its

Vocabulary and Essentials, with a Selected Glossary of Terms James Stevens Curl 37 L1z ]OBEY Magazine Work Diane Arbus 38 J AMES STEVENS CuRL The Colour Library Phaidon Press 39 CHRIS Wooo The Wagner Compendium (Ed) Barry Millington 40 WALTER KRINKEL New Horizons Thames & Hudson 41 AMANDA CRAIGAngels and Insects A S Byatt 42 DAISY WAUGH The Secret History Donna Tartt 43 LAURA CuMM ING The Volcano Lover Susan Sontag 44 KATHRYN HuGHESLove and Obits John Ed Bradley 45 MICHAEL Doss oN The Mist in the Mirror Susan Hill 45 JOHN KEMP Cock and Bull Will Self 46 NICOLA J WATSON Possessing the Secret ofJoy Alice Walker 47 ToM ANGlER Vampire Stories (Ed) Richard Dalby 48 ANDREA STUART The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group Tama

Janowitz 49 51 AoAM ZAMOYSKI The Image ofAristocracy in Britain, I000-

1300 David Crouch 52 CLAUS voN BuLow The Continual Pilgrimage Christopher

Sawyer- Lau~anno 53 BAER PETTIT Britons, Forging the Nation 1707- 1837 Linda

Colley 54 EowARD Fox The Faber Book ofAmerica (Edd) Christopher

Ricks & William L Vance 55 CoL IN WILSON The Paranormal: Beyond Sensory Science Percy

Seymour 56 PETER J CoNRADI Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals Iris

Murdoch 59 PHILIP 0AKES 60 FRANK McLYNN Loneliness and Time : British Travel Writing in the Twentieth Century Mark Cocker 61 AN DREW PosT Transylvania and Beyond Dervla Murphy 62 A P CoNNELL Heirs to Tibet Andrew Powell 63 SIOBHAN Dowo


DENNIS SEWELL, who produces the BBC 's Week in Westminster programme, is particularly interested in America and its Politics .

WALTER KRINKEL composed his first symphony at nine and took a First at Greats at nineteen . Scorning the suggestion of a place at All Souls, he is now at twentynine, employed in the Probation Service.

JULIAN WATSON is now chiefly concerned with the supply of school textbooks to the Third World. After a career in publishing with Cassell, MacDonald's and Weidenfeld, he started his own business in information publishing under the unusual name of Hexam and Gridley . After some time in Ghana, he is now on an extended tour of Pakistan and Nepal for the World Bank.

MICHAEL DOBSON's book, The Making of the National Poet: Shakespeare , Adaptation and Authorship, 1660-1769 is published this very month by Oxford University Press.

COMING NEXT MONTH (i f all goes well) Julian Barnes on Philip Larkin's Letters Robert Harris on Julian Barnes's new novel Paul Theroux on Graham Greene's Dream Diary Roger Bolton on the 1991 television franchise scandal Valerie Grove on Lambton's menagerie Wallace Arnold on Stephen Spender and much else besides

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