38 FRANK Mc LY NN Broken Lands Robert Edric 39 CAROLE ANGlER In Search of a Glorious Death Carlo

Mazzantini 40 CLAIRE MoNK The Lost Father Mona Simpson 41 MIK E PETTY

42 43 CLA UDIA FITzHERB ERTS hadowsofthePomegranate Tree

Tariq Ali 44 DENNI S SEWELL Fatherland Robert Harris 45 N ICOLETTE J ONES Cabal Michael Dibdin 46 47 48

M uRRAY BuESST Rotten Times Paul Micou CouN WILSON Crazy Cock Henry Miller MARY ScoTT Ulverton Adam Thorpe








50 CHRISTOPHER LocKwoooFour Hours inMyLai Michael

Bilton & Kevin Sim 51 ALAN ERE! RA In the Spirit ofCrazy Horse Peter Matthiessen 53 WE NDY BRA NDMARK Race Studs Terkel 54 GEORGE STERN Carter-Ruck on Libel and Slander-Fourth

Edition Peter Carter-Ruck, Richard Walker & Harvey N A Starte 55 DAYID CHIPP China: A New History John King Fairbank 56 AN DREW RosERTS Tea Party to Independence: The Third

Phase of the American Revolution 1773-1776 Peter D G Thomas 57 KEITH WATERHO USE Diary of a Nobody George and Weedon

Grossmith 58 ANN GENEVA London Observed: Stories and Sketches Doris

Lessing 59 BERNARD O'KEEFFE The Moment under The Moment Russell

Hoban 61 MICHAEL THORN Edna St Vincent Millay- Selected Poems

(Ed) Colin Falck 62 PHILIP 0AKES 63 SIOBHAN Dowo


RICHARD HORTON is Assistant Editor on The Lancet.

JANE ELLISON is immensely excited to have finished her next novel, although it does not yet have a name, and is also celebrating the birth of a baby, which has been called Arthur. This lively former hackette on Private Eye and columnist on the Sunday Correspondent is pleased to announce she is now available for work.

PHILIP CARAMAN, a former Editor of Month the Jesuit review, parish priest in Norway and promoter of the cause of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales, recently celebrated his eightieth birthday. He is mass priest at the Church of Stanislas, Dulverton .

AMANDA CRAIG's most recent novel is called A Private Place and is about a school which bears a strange resemblance to Dartington. She is now working on a new one, entitled A Vicious Circle which, she says, 'is going to be the size of a pound of semtex and is about literary London'.

LEO BURLEY is a freelance journalist who specialises in European topics. He is keen to review any books related to this subject.

KEITH WATERHOUSE is now generally acclaimed as the greatest living English writer, even i f at 63 he is too young for the title of Grand Old Man of English Letters (which passed to Anthony Burgess). His latest novel , with the less than brilliant title of Unsweet Charity, was reviewed in the March issue of Literary Review by Tim Heald .

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