The LiteraryReview 18th April to lst May 1980 No. 14 Editor: Anne Smith

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Diaries from Rome, Sierr~ Leone, L.A. * Isabel Armstrong and Harry Ricketts: Nervous Nods to the Zeitgeist - two months of poetry in -the cultured periodicals reviewed * Derrida - An Interview * Julian '·Rathbone: Bedknobs and ·Broomsticks -Puffball* Joan Freeman: Semantic Semen * W. W. Robson: Osborne's Auden - A Shilling Life *'Janet Daley: As if Wittgenstein had lived . ~ . * .Samuel Gutenplan, A~· ·~ Ph.illips Griffiths: Knowing Ourselves * Children's Books * Alain Elkaan: The Two Bahas - a short story