Literary Review 8th to 21 st March 1980 No. 11 ,

Editor: Anne Smith

Fortnightly 40p

Alan Ryan: Utopian Thought David Martin: Spiritual Travelogues Alan Watkins: Learned Bevin Judy Dempsey: An Interview with Ginzburg Saul Estrin: Tito's Yugoslavia Lesley Chamberlain: Sakharov in Moscow Frederic Raphael: History plus Sex Angus Calder: African Fictio&1 ./,. John Hargreaves: Lord Haley's (/V AfricaChomsky and Herman: After the Cataclysm Neil Corcoran: Explaining America Guido Almansi: Dali in Paris John Alvey: Living on an island Peter Phillips: The Authentic Performance of Music II

/ ' I ,.,....J " i ( - ..i

Martyn Goff: Allen Lane .. . . Bernard Crick: The Wild Duck . . .

Charles Palliser: Smiley with a Knyf

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