Inside The Wire 354 | August 2013

Rob Mazurek by Jonas Unger

The Wire Tapper 32 Your track by track guide to this month’s free CD

The Masthead 6

Letters 8

Bitstream 10 News and more from under the radar

Trip Or Squeek 11 Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil

Charts 48

Out There 89 Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

Subscribe 96 Print, digital, downloads and CDs

Reviews Index 49

Soundcheck 50 This month’s selected vinyl, CDs and downloads, including Young Echo, Áine O’Dwyer, Philip Corner and 7"s from the Norton label, plus specialist columns, reissues and unusual formats

The Inner Sleeve 71 Shezad Dawood on Acid Mothers Temple’s Pink Lady Lemonade

Print Run 72 New music books: Heavy Metal in Indonesia; free jazz in the academy; Jon Rose’s new strategies for music making; and Beat writing’s influence on rock music

On Screen 75 Films & DVDs: Pat Collins’s Silence; Anthony Braxton & Tyler Ho Bynum live

On Site 76 Exhibitions, installations, etc: Audible Forces in London; SNAP in Aldeburgh

On Location 77 Festival and concert reviews: Spor, Volt and Editions Mego festivals; Milford Graves in New York; The Knife in London; and more

Bites Helena Hauff 12 The Hamburg DJ steps out. By Joe Muggs

Anton Heyboer 14 Dutch outsider artist reanimated. By Derek Walmsley

Marisa Anderson 16 US guitarist’s old-new folk forms. By Nick Southgate

Sounding The Gallery 18 When video art met avant garde music. By Louise Gray

Terminal Cheesecake 19 UK psych misfits regroup. By Daniel Spicer

Global Ear Istanbul 20 Daniel Spicer talks to Turkish musicians in the wake of the city’s recent protests

Cross Platform Emma Hart 22 Clive Bell meets the artist whose installations revel in the mess of everyday life and mundane work

Invisible Jukebox Jussi Lehtisalo 24 The Circle frontman and Ektro boss rounds on The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Petri Kuljuntausta

Else Marie Pade 28 Anne Hilde Neset hears the extraordinary life story of Denmark’s first electronic composer, finally enjoying success at the age of 89

Rob Mazurek 32 The Chicago Underground musician and visual artist spins cosmic connections between free jazz, science fiction and the music of Brazil. By Bill Meyer

Meredith Monk 40 After 40 years blurring the boundaries of music, dance and theatre, the New York composer’s primordial vocal music still speaks volumes. By Frances Morgan

Epiphanies 98 When Asmus Tietchens’s hopes of playing guitar like The Shadows were dashed, he turned to tape music