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AKon 2 The darkside beckons Terre Thaemlitz Queered pitches ZusaanKdiFasteau Ecstatic transformations Labdlore: Shi-Ra-Wfoup Msk

16 Global Ear: Budapest

In post-communist Hungary, musicians such as the charismatic violinist Felix Lajk6 are now faced with the dilemma of atting locally or selling globally. By Dave Rirnrner

18 Robert-Wyatt

Emerging from a six year hibernationwith his new album Y,Ieep, England'smost dist~naivevoice discusses humour, politics, depression and 30 years of music making after Soft Machine. By Biba Kopf

26 Stock, Hausen &Walkman

The slapstick samplingduo from Salford leave egg on the face of serious music the world over with their random assaults on cheesy listening and other citadels of good taste. By Clive Bell

30 Silver Apples

Havingsuffered three decades of universal public neglect the world's original oscillator 'n' drums duo are finally getting recognition for their pioneering electronic rock. By Edwin Pouncey

34 Current 93

From his early noise loops to his present avant folk hybrids, David Tibet's music has defined the postIndustrial underground as a psychic retreat from a shopsoiled world. By David Keenan

38 Invisible Jukebox: Van Dyke Parks

Discover America through the back doors of Hawaiiand the Caribbean as pop's most idiosyncratic producer identifies Arto Lindsay, MartinDenny, Lord Kitchener and more.Tested by RichardHenderson

40 In The House Of Ra

Val Wilmer recalls her encounters with Sun Ra across three decades in New York, Philadelphia and Moers, and reveals both the human and otherworldly dimensions of a cosmic visionary

46 The Primer: Sun Ra

Sun Ra biographer John F Szwed provides a beginner's guide to the recorded legacy of Saturn's most enigmatic citizen reviews

51 Soundcheck September'sselected albums, including new releases from Coldcut, Andrew Cyrille, Farmers Manual, Fred Frith, Grateful Dead, Keith Jarrett, Material, Maurizio, F-Ziq, Archie Shepp, UnknownLkzschIland2 G 3, lannis Xenakis, Larry Young and more 10 Multimedia Coldcut and Deep C m t r a b l x , on CD-ROM 12 On Location Going live: Ornette Colernan meets Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson under American skies; too many kooks and cooks spoil the Nantes's Trafics Festival; Electronics's acid comedown at Planet Alice 16 Print Run Music books: The lives and times of Le Sonn'y Ra; Waving the flag for American music

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