inside m n w exploration of newm

10 Global Ear: SanFrancisco

Erik Davis parties on with the urban primitivesof Recombinant9 6

12 Bites

Knidkr Post-rock contenders RichardYoungs Sonic eccentric Dom8 Roland Darksldedrum 'n' bass lohn bwJazz satellite W lon:00 Discs

16 Khan & JammingUnit

Disguisingtheir varlous projects behind a series of obscure aliases, these German brothers are pushing electronic music into new realms of hybrid hyperactivity. By RobYoung

18 Nippon Noise m a d

At the end of 1996, a platoon of Tokyo noise terrorists, includingmembersof Musica Transonic, Mainliner and Toho Sara, infiltratedthe UK for a series of surprise attack concerts. Biba Kopf hears their story

22 JohnWhite

Meet the invisible man of 4JK experimentalmusic as hejoins the dots between 10-fi electronics, orchestral whimsy and the birth of Ambient By John LWalters

25 Hoppy Kamiyama

Who's that man in the blonde wig and the green feather boa?IYs Tokyo's premier cross-dressing avant garde label boss, of course By Clive Bell

26 Laibach

D ~ s r n ~ w d by some as m-pot dictators m dlsguw, ha~ledby others as the most subversive rock group on the planet, thls Slovenlanquartet are all laylng selge to the smug c~tadelsof world pop. By Lou~seGray

32 Prince Paul

In the psychiatrist'schair: the HipHop producer behind Stetsasonic's get-fresh funk, the Daisy Age rap of De La Soul and the Gothic horror of The Gravediggaz By Peter Shapiro

36 1996Rewind

Charting 12 months of essential undergroundmusic activity: we name our Records Of The Year, and ask a few musical acquaintances to give us their highlights of 1996

42 Invisible Jukebox:Harold Budd

Mlke Barnes listens as the Ambient auteur attempts to identify music by John Coltrane, Labradford, Jon Hassell, Allen Ginsberg,Joe Zawinul and more reviews

4Z SoundcheckJanuary's selected albums, includingnew releasesfrom As One, DJ Spooky, Dr Rockit, Faust GrandmasterFlash, Steve Lacy, Main, Nico, Stina Nordenstam, Steve Reich,Tangerine Dream, Tindersticks, Zeni Geva and more 66 Multimedia Nights in the InteractiveTemple 6)).Print Rua New music b k s : a rough guide to rock some pop casualties; the ritual of performance; a chat with lannis Xenakis

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