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10 Bites

Lesser Grating gearhound Peaches Super muff btg fuzz John Schott Angel tc elegist

16 Go To Comm.ercial

From Raymond Scott's Manhattan Research lnc to Mtchael Jackson's Jheri curl catching fire, adverttsing has placed taxing demands on musicians' ingenuity and skilL By Ken Hollings

18 Secret Museum Of Mankind

Drawing upon his treasure trove of ancient vtnyl relics and arcane instruments, postman Pat Conte conducts CD seances that summon the mustcal sptrits and ghosts of long lost worlds. By Richard Henderson

26 Tortoise

Climbing out of their shel ls, Chicago's premier post-rockers reveal to David Keenan how thew new album redefines their standards even as it reaffirms their hardcore roots

34 Bob Ostertag's Yugoslavian Diary

In these exclusive diary extracts, the American composer/~mprovtsor goes behtnd Serbtan ltnes and confronts audience and police hostility while attempting to perform a work about the NATO bombings

42 The Primer: The Residents

Edwin Pouncey peers into the famous eyeballs to explore the adventurous, satt ncal and groundbreaktng sonic world of the Californian group that has defied attempts to unmask them for three decades

50 Invisible Jukebox: Gary Lucas

The former Captain Beefheart guitarist screams and crows about records by Charles Mtngus, Or Nerve, Marta Sebestyen, Jeff Buckley, Tisziji Munoz, Leonard Bernstein and more. Tested by Mtke Barnes

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54 Soundcheck February's selected albums and singles, tncludtng new releases from Thomas Brinkmann, Brokeback, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Loren MazzaCane Connors, Vladislav Delay, Burnt Friedman, Keiji Hatno & Derek Batley, Hugh Hopper, Jan Jelinek, Elvin Jones, Thomas Lehn, Marclay/Moore/Ranaldo, Ennto Morncone, Toshimaru Nakamura, Stacey Pullen, Reynols, Ruins, 2nd Gen, Wadada Leo Smtth, Davtd Thomas & Two Pale Boys, Ketth Ttppett, Tortoise, Jah Wobble &Evan Parker, Warhorse and more 76 Print Run New mustc books A life and death study of Tim and Jeff Buckley; The history of recording Jazzy literary theory; Free jazz rabble roustng, The life of Leon Theremin 82 Multimedia Peter Shapiro meets lan Helliwell, Brighton's mavenck film maker and soundtracker 84 On Location Japanorama tn Exeter; Ata Tak in Berltn; A Stlver Mt Zton tn Glasgow; Magnettc Fields in London

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