ospect may 2013


May 2013


This month 06 If I ruled the world moisÉs naÍm 08 Recommends 10 Letters plus stephen collins’s cartoon strip.

Opinions 14 William Hague: interview bronwen maddox 15 After Mandela desmond tutu 18 Scrap Trident edwin bramall 20 Can Osborne cut the NHS?

paul johnson 20 Egypt’s survival magda kandil 22 Nobody likes a politician

Enter the 2013 Think Tank Awards peter kellner

World thinkers 2013 32 Who is Prospect’s top world thinker

2013? Your votes are in.

Science 56 Is the BSE crisis really over?

Scientists struggle to understand it. tom whipple 57 The month ahead anjana ahuja

Special report: Fixing the City 59 Change has only just begun andy davis 62 Britain’s new chief regulator martin wheatley

Features 24 Has democracy had its day?

A bad decade for electoral politics. mark mazower 36 Degrees of debt

Britain can’t afford student loans. richard lambert 40 Will Iraq burn again?

Threatened by Syria. anthony loyd 46 A very British school

Solving segregation. david goodhart 50 The fall of Richard Fausto—a play

The devil is in the Square Mile. marcus miller and nicholas beale 52 Rise of the super-family

Any room left at the top? alison wolf

Arts & books 64 Are criminals born or made?

The roots of the mind of a psychopath. daniel dennett 68 An experiment with anarchy

The internet’s shallow thinkers. thomas meaney 70 Sex, the old-fashioned way

Lewis Wolpert fails to explain gender. joanna bourke 71 Model modern satire

Gilbert and Sullivan—the missing link. alexandra coghlan 72 The month in books hephzibah anderson

Fiction 74 The King of Norway amos oz

Life 78 Leith on Life anine crime. sam leith 78 Life of the mind

My testing first patient. anna blundy 79 Matters of taste

Let them eat crabs. simon wroe 80 Wine

Restaurant revolution. barry smith 82 DIY investment

How to beat inflation. andy davis

Endgames 84 The generalist didymus 84 Enigmas & puzzles ian stewart 87 The Prospect List Our pick of events. 88 The way we were

Strivers and shirkers. ian irvine



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