Keiji Haino photographed m Tokyo by Junko Yamada

Regulars Bitstream/ Death Row 10 Notes from the underground/ Arto Lindsay's last requests

Global Ear 18 David A Edwards finds a vibrant Space for creative music in Wellington, New Zealand

Epiphanies 106 Late Junction 's Verity Sharp tunes in to the animal mechanics of Sergey Kuryokhin

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Wordsound 24 Skiz Fernando's HipHop label has been predicting apocalypse via the urban pressure sounds of Spectre, Prince Paul , Sensational and others. Now he blows the cover of the music industry hustle in his Crooked film . By Hua Hsu

Philip Jeck 28 Amplifying dust crackles and scratches , the English turntablist loads up his Dansettes with melancholy, deeply affecting requiems that attempt to resurrect vinyl memories from the dustbin of history. By Clive Bell

Keiji Haino 32 Alan Cummings penetrates the universal consciousness of the Tokyo shaman , who has conducted a 30 year quest to outdo The Big Bang with his Fushitsusha and Aihiyo groups , solo guitar noise, percussion rituals and DJ sets

John Coltrane 38 Commemorating 35 years since the saxophonist's death , Howard Mandel 's personal memoir re ca lls how Coltrane 's last, cosmic, acid-fuelled free jazz blew all-corners out of the water, on albums like Ascension and Interstellar Space

Invisible Jukebox 20 Simon Fisher Turner The former King Of Luxem bourg , Derek Jarman soundtracker and Ambient musician turns blue trying to identify tracks by Bowie, Eno , PiL, Waiter Ruttmann , B id, Wishmountain and more. Tested by Mike Barnes

The Primer 44 Nurse With Wound A user's guide to two decades' worth of macabre surrealism, dream visions, dissecting-table logic and automatic music, all emanating from the fertile imagination of Steven Stapleton and friends. By David Keenan

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