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JUNE, 1927


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(Continued) :By HERMAN KLEIN C;erman Opera at Covent Garden

IN accordance with the custom established by the London Opera Syndicate, the early weeks of the summer season at Covent Garden have been devoted to German performances, including two complete cycles of Der Ring des Nibelungen. Beyond notice of these, i t will be impossible to extend the present article; and even SO, my story cannot well be completed without overflowing into the August number, inasmuch as the Italian half of the season will be continuing until too late in June to be wholly dealt with in our following issue.


I take i t that the interest of GRAMOPHONE readers -:in London's too brief annual festival of opera on the

" grand scale" is mainly directed to what is donemay I say in the flesh ?-by those eminent foreign artists whose records are reaching us by monthly instalments all the year round. For this reason more particularly I account i t a privilege that so many of these eminent ones should come (thanks to lucrative contracts) and be heard here-collected" stars," in well-disposed constellations-even for so short a period as eight consecutive weeks. (Would that i t were for longer! I have already suggested that a three months' season can be made to pay quite as well; and, since writing that, I have ascertained that Lt.-Col. Blois is veering round to the same opinion,