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Vol. IV.

MARCH, 1927

No. 10

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THOUGHTS ON MUSIC, compiled by Hervey Elwes, 216 pp.,

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lOs., postage 3d.



THE Editor's recent visit to London was something of a fiasco. He had hardly begun to fulfil the long list of his engagements when he succumbed to influenza in a virulent form, and as soon as he was well enough to be moved he welit back to the Channel Islands. Before going he desired to express to the readers of THE GRAMOPHONE his very real regret that he could not attend the meeting at Murdoch's ::3alons nor write his intended contribut ion to the lIfarch number. :N~xt month he hopes to make up for lost time.

Meanwhile the Beethoven Centena,ry is near at ha,nd, and all over this country and over America gigantic effort.s are being made to celebrate the event worthily. The little book issued by the Royal Philharmonic Society, which will perform the Beethoven )fass a,t the Albert Hall on the 24th, is a tirilely reminder of the close cOllnection between the composer and the Society 'which performed the Eroica at i ts first concert in 18]3, and the Choral Symphony in 1825 for the TIrst t ime in England, and which sent £100 to assiRt the composer in his last illness.

These are honourable memories; but no Ie ' I'; honourable in the musica.l history of onr country is the present effort of the Gramophone Company and the Oolumbia Company to make the works of Beethoven familiar in every home throughout the world where a gramophone is available. This month markR 'without doubt the highest point yet reached by the recording companies: hoc erat in 1;otisand yet space prevents us from giving in the review pageR of this month and next more than a cursory survey of the stupendous output of Beethoven records. 'WIth the coloured portrait of the composer in the Christmas Number we tried to strike the note for this year, a,nd in the diapason of reRponse we are content to be l i t t le more than members of the audience, applauding.

One other event deserves the same kind of applause. The South Place Sunday Popular Concerts represent the kind of mURic and the kind of audience for which THE GRA~IOPHONE stands, and the Thousandth Concert which took place on February 20th seemed to be an epitome of the real music-love of I.Jondon during the last forty years.