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1 -WONDER i f any of the readers of THE GRAMO­ PHONE who speculate on the personalities of our reviewers have ever speculated on the per­ sonalities of the blurb writers in the monthly bulletins of the recording companies. I recommend a comparative study of them as good practice for judging the character of a man by what is called internal evidence. The trouble with most of the Baconians is their neglect of internal evidence, and the ingenious way in which several of our correspondents have discovered that Compton Mackenzie, K. K., and C. M. C. are one and the same per son has r eminded me very much of the methods of Baconian investigators. It is true that one or two discovered a similarity between K. K. 's writing and mine; but, because that similarity is really no more than thc vigour with which we discuss our likes and dislikes, anybody who will t ake the trouble really to read right through a set of criticism s by myself and K. K. ought very soon to realise that K. K. and myself repres ent the exact poles of human opinion. It is precisely because this is so,

and because half humanity partakes more or less of the attitude toward life which I represent , and the other half of the attitude which K. K. represe nts, that readers who have the wit to grasp this will be able to arrive, with as much certainty as the opinions of ot hers can ever provide, at what they themselves will like. I confess I have been a l i t t le bit shaken over our readers' l i terary judgment by the recent correspondence.

August is as dull a month in the gramophone world as i t is in everything else. StiIl, there were one or two good discs which nobody ought to miss. Perhaps the best of these wa,s of De Gogorza singing La Paloma a,nd a Mexican air caHed La Golon(ltina. I hope this means that we are going to have reissue:; of all De Gogorza's Spanish records, the album containing which ][ regard as one of the most precious in my collection. Many singers, male and female, have given us La Paloma, but when De Gogorza sings i t-" ah, the difference to me." This dise (H.M.V., D.A.7S2) is in the very front rank. The record of the Tristan and Isolrl,e Prelude, conducted