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Vol. III.

APRIL, 1926

No. 11

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LAST month we published our caricaturist's notion of high t ide at J ethou; but the reality on the night of March 5th was not nearly so amusing. Owing 'to a mistake the records from one of the leading companies were not sent of!' as usual, and as the t ime to play them over in preparation for this quartetly review became shorter and . horter I grew more and more fussy. The result was that on March 4th my boat crossed from Guernsey in weather that would have been avoided had not the skipper felt bound to bring over if possible the last galleys of Fai'l'y Gold and what he hoped were the missing recordf;. The wind increased so rapidly that he wa,s unable to get back and the Watch Jl l e had to lie on her moorings in an open anchorage. The wind veereu to north-west and was blowing a gale by dusk; but in the early hours of the moming i t went due north rising to full hurricane force, i th the W((,tch ]}1e now on a dead lee shore. There was a squall of terrific force. The chain broke and she was driven on a reef~ where the second anchor held her when the tide rose. We mana.ged to salve the engine with a great struggle, a,i ter which a 750 lb. weight had to be dragged over a hundred yards of jagged rocks covered with slimy weed. The t ide was coming up fast behind: but at dusk we had the engine out of reach. During t·he night the Wa,tch Me went entirely to pieces. She was a stout-hearted craft a,nd had about circumnavigated the globe in mileage since she was mine. A smashed lllotor-ca,r is merely ludicrous, but a wrecked boat never Reems so human as in her ultimate conquest by the sea; and to hear the decks groan as the masts are wrenched away is to hear the groan of a sentient creature. There\ not a book on my shelves, not a gramo-phone or a record but she has brought i t to Jethou, and I am sure you will not grudge me these few lines in commemoration of a cmft that before she became mine had sailed without mishap these waters for fifty yea,rs. May sea-nymphs tend the gallant spirit that was hers and cherish the jl1elusine who succeeds her.

The laggard records have not even yet a,rrived,