London, W.1.

THE GRAMOPHONE London Office: 58, Frith Street,


TELEPHONE: Regent 1383

Vol. III.

JULY, 1925


All communications should be addressed to this office. Tn, the case of 1I1SS. or of letters requi'ring an answer an addressed and stamp ed envelope lYIUST be enclosed.

All cheques, money orders and postal orde'rs should be in favou1' of " Gramophone (Publications) Ltd.," and should be crossed "Bank of Liverpool and M atiins Ltd."

A ny difficulty in p1'oCtwing copies of Tm:: GRAlVIOPHONE, and any Sttggestion for increasing the c.irculati on, should be f01'warded to the Publications Manager; any inqu,iry about advertis ement rat es to the Advertisement Manager at the above address.

For the convenience of J'eaders the. following are kept in stock :-

Index to Vol. 1., Is. 6d. post f1'ee ; Index to Vol. I . and BiniUng Case, in black cloth with gold lettering, 4s. 6d. post free. Index to Vol. II., Is., postage 2d .

Red cloth spring-back Binding Case (for the preservation of current numbers), 3s. 6d., postage 6d.

"A List of Recorded Chamber .111usic" (N.G.S booklet), 6d., postage 1d.

" Wilson Protractor," Is., postage 2d. "Gramophone Tips, 1925," by Capt. H. T. Barnett, .111.I.E:E., Is., post fr ee.

"Gramophone Nights ," by Compton Mackenzie and A1'chibald Marshall, 5s., postage 4d.

Back numbers of THE GRAMOPHONE, Vol. 1., Is. each and postage 2d. (except Nos. 2 (tnd 4 which are out of print). Vol. II., Nos. 1 to 12 inclusive, 28. each and postage 2d.

The annual subscription for Tm:: GRMtIOPHONE 14s. post free from the London Office.




AT the moment of going to press there are still a very few of the five hundred t ickets for the Tes ts left, and i f any reader find s at the las t momen t that h e or she can spare the evening of Thursday, July 9th, for gramophone m a t ters, i t is wort h while to' write or telephone to the London 'Office. I t will be a long evening but i t promises to be very interes ting and not intolerably btiguirlD".

The doors will be open at 5.30, but the t es ts will not begin till 6 p.m. The competing machines.a,bout t en of them-will be on the stage, unconcealed by an y curtains or screens. The audience will receive voting ca rd s and will be the sole judges of t he tests. E ach competitor will be given six minutes in which to play any records or parts of re cords that h e chooses-but one must be vocal and the other orches tral-with his own choice of needle.

Following this first t est there will be an interval till 9 p.m., during which there.will be a short con cert a t. which Miss Nlaric Novello, fr esh from her t riwnphs with th e Lamoureux Orchestra in Paris, has promised to play the piano; the Music Society String Quartet will play the Orlando Gibbons Fantasies and Eug-ene Goossens's By the Tam and Jack 0'

Lantern, to which reference was made in the N.G.S. notes las t month; and Miss Helen Henschel and Mr. John Go ss 'will sing some of ┬Ěthe duets and solo s which m ade their recital at the Wigmore Hall on June 11th so memorable an occasion. We must offer our thanks in advance t o all these artists for the readiness with which they have accepted our invitation. I t is overwhelmingly kind of theIn.

The second test will begin ~ t 9 p.m., and the competitor s will play records selected by the Editor. I t is hoped that the proceedings will end at about 10.30 p.m.

Light refres hments will be obtainable in an adjoining room.

The actual names of the competitors are not yet se t t led ; but they r ange from the P et er Pan to the Vo ea,rola , and as the obj ect of the t ests is to decide which i'l the best valu e for money the critical judgment of the audience will be put to the test as rigorously as the machines themselves ! The three medals-gold, silver, and bronze-designed and struck by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company for Tm:: GRAMOPHONE, will be awarded by the votes-first, second, and third.

Particulars of the GRAMOPHONE CONGRESS are on page 79. B2